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What we’re about

Kick It Social runs the BEST Adult Recreational Soccer Leagues for men, coed, and women across the city of Chicago and year-round outdoor and indoor. We play on premium locations and we play the longest games in the city with the most affordable fees! Check out our web site for upcoming leagues:

Soccer/Futbol/Football are just some of the names our "God" is called around the globe. We could not live without it and that is why we are starting this organization.

Become a member and enjoy the most beautiful game in history with friends, meet new people, play hard, go out and celebrate, play beautifully!

You will be notified on new soccer pick ups, leagues, events around soccer, and other cool things that we work with!

Our organization is committed to bringing to the players what belongs to the players: the feeling of importance on and off the field. We care about each player because we are also players. We know what you want on and off the field, and that is why you will want to sign up as individual or as a team with Kick It Social! Want better Refs? Want more playing time? Want quality fields with lower registration fees? Want a trainer? Want sponsorship? WANT MORE!? We are here for you!

What you'll get if you sign up with Kick It Social:

- Competitive and recreational soccer leagues


- Quality referees
- Dri-Fit Jerseys with numbers on the back
- Guaranteed 8 games
- Online Scheduling and standings
- New Locations in Chicago
- Complimentary Screenings from Accelerated Rehab Centers
- Receive Registration discounts thanks to our referral program
- Lower Registration fees

We Look forward to playing with you!

Your team @ Kick It Social!

Disclaimer: The information and views in this meetup group are those of the individuals' participating and do not necessarily reflect the official opinion of kick it social. Neither Kick it Social, Kick it Right and all other divisions nor any person acting on their behalf may be held responsible for the use and opinion of the individuals making use of this meetup group. Please report any inappropriate comments to
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