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This is a 3-day workshop held on 3 full days that will give you mastery that will enable you to learn how to muscle test ACCURATELY using the meridian systems of the body. Most muscle testing does not use the essential PRE-TESTS that ensure that you get true and accurate readings.

These classes will give you hands-on practice with learning this ancient system of allowing the body to reveal what is REALLY going on inside! Yummy vegan lunch and snacks are included! The miraculous thing is you will also discover your deepest psychological blocks that has been holding you back from more success and mastery in your life, as well as discover your innate spiritual and psychic gifts that you can develop further. This will be a FUN workshop that can end with your own certification to be a Kinesiology Practitioner, using this in your own life, with your friends and family to help them balance their internal organs, their muscles, correct Candida, and even shift your internal beliefs and false programming and remove negative blocks (the "Wernicke's Correction").

You will learn:

• 1) To have the knowledge to get into balance for yourself and most importantly of all

• 2) To identify the cause of what caused you to go out of balance in the first place.


What You Will Learn from This Kinesiology Training series:

• How to muscle test ACCURATELY, which many people do not.

• Pre-tests: The essential part of a muscle test that many people don't do. Without these, no muscle test is valid.

• The Fourteen Muscle and Fourteen Organ Balance Procedure.

• How to Identify where an emotional upset is coming from.

• How to remove stressful emotions from the body.

• How to test which foods and other products are weakening, neutral or strengthening. Save thousands of dollars by knowing which food and supplements are the best for you and your family.

• How to balance three of the major back muscles.

• The Candida correction.

- How to identify what stresses are causing a particular health problem, by the use of finger modes

. - The amazing "Wernicke's Correction" from Australia. Most people have hundreds of sub-conscious sabotaging commands in their brain.

Learn how to remove these negative beliefs from the right side of the brain. This correction has never before been taught widely outside of Australia.

- The essential three centering corrections of Applied Kinesiology, including the "Cloacals" correction. These are probably the most important kinesiology corrections of all. It takes a major stress for the centering systems to go out of balance. Through muscle testing, we have discovered that some of the things that can cause centering to go out of balance are:

- Being born

- Having a baby

- A car crash or other major physical blow to the body

- A divorce, either your own or your parents'

- Having an operation

- Eating microwaved food

- Being vaccinated

When a centering system is out of balance, in particular the cloacals, just some of the things which may not operate at full efficiency are:

- Bowels

- Bladder

- Sex organs

- Pregnancy

- Hormones

- Fat levels

- Body temperature

- Speed of metabolism

- Blood pressure

- Immune system

- Emotional stability

- Brain chemistry

- Body energy levels

- Blood sugar levels

- Speed of healing

- Coordination

- Allergic responses

The incredible "Ileo-cecal valve" correction of the intestinal system, from Applied Kinesiology. Possibly the most commonly needed kinesiology correction. When the ileo-cecal valve or Houston folds are out of balance, just some of the 'symptoms' that the body may show are:

- Constipation

- Diarrhea

- Bad skin

- Red eyes

- Black under the eyes

- Bloated belly

- Lack of energy

- Sore back

- Sore neck

- Headaches and / or migraines

- Inability to lose weight

- Cold sores

- Appendicitis

- Hemorrhoids

- In extreme cases, bowel cancer

NOTE: the term kinesiology as used here is used to mean that which is connected with either Academic Kinesiology or Specialized Kinesiology and always includes muscle testing. It is not to be confused with another definition of kinesiology which is that which is taught in some colleges and is defined simply as “the branch of physiology that studies the mechanics and anatomy in relation to human movement”. Note: at the end of this course, you can also pursue eligibility to receive a beautiful, 11" x 17" certificate for ongoing professional development in Synergistic Kinesiology.--

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