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We The Speakers--Virtual Event

Online event

You are invited to our Member Awards Ceremony where will be honoring members, who have obtained their educational awards since our last ceremony. They will be Congratulated. Asson Desrosiers will deliver a speech from the Pathways Track entitled 'There's Only ONE Race'. Jo-Ann Maguire will also be delivering a speech from Pathways entitled 'Engaging Humor: Know Your Sense of Humor.' You will have the opportunity to hone your speaking skills during Table Topics. If you have any questions or concerns, or want the link for the meeting, please contact me at vpm @wethespeakers.org. Please go to www.wethespeakers.org for more information on "We The Speakers.'

SAP Toastmasters @ Newtown Square (NSQ)

3999 West Chester Pike

Now online please email us to get the link to access the meeting! You - our club members - are the most important part of SAP Toastmasters @ NSQ. We will do whatever you need to make a successful transition to take fear to excitement when you are speaking. WE are pretty informal and most of all love to have FUN! FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/SAPNSQToastmasters/ Website: https://easy-speak.org/portal.php?page=32096

NE Philly -* Virtual mtg-Speeches made FUN-Guests Welcome.Toastmasters club

Hello Fellow Communicators and Leaders, -see detailed info/instructions below for our weekly online meetings. --benefitS - __Guests, attend for free, and learn about this awesome International communication and leadership program, while enjoying a fun, friendly and relaxed environment and during some sections YOU CAN participate time permitting.!! __Current Paid Members - this is a great opportunity to continue to connect, make progress through our online curriculum, continue to gain new stills in a FUN environment and try our public speaking skills in a different setting. Paid Toastmasters can give speeches. --pre meeting - __please open Zoom[free] to what ever device you will be using for the meetings. This can be used on your smartphones tablets, Ipad and desktops. *also pre test your speakers, microphone and camera.! some systems will require you to download the Zoom info. __****please know that your camera/photo does -->show<-- including what ever is behind you.! so you may want to make sure you and the area are camera ready. and if speaking, look at the camera not at the screen, this makes a difference. __our members, please PREmeeting sign up for roles, helping us to start on time. website - https://nephilly.toastmastersclubs.org/ __everyone, please RSVP on our meetup page, this lets the public know we are still meeting [just virtually] and still having FUN meetup- http://www.meetup.com/Northeast-Philly-Toastmasters-Club-01134526 __non-NePhilly club members, please rsvp on meetup, and contact our pr email to let us know you can help out filling meeting roles. and if you wish to give a speech they can schedule you in when our members are not filling a speaking slot. the PR-Officer will forward this info to our VP.Education officer , whom will get back to you. pr-email - [masked] --notes - __once the meeting starts, we ask Every attendee to self MUTE your device except when you are actively speaking during the session. multiple individual microphones make for a lot of background noise, and are very sensitive to pick up noises you would not expect to come across. __we will also attempt to have someone on a few minutes early [maybe even 15 min+ early] so that everyone can login and chat. ..a..this will also let anyone having tech issue ask questions so that everyone is set before the start of the session. ..b..this also will allow any FIRST Time Attendees to our program to be greeted and ask questions. please be sure to place your name and contact info [name, phone#, email] in the chat box and let the host[s] know you are new, and an officer can follow up with you after the meeting to answer any questions.! --zoom MEETING LINK / info - Join Zoom Meeting Join - ****as of April 3rd, Zoom is requiring a ==>>different meeting password<== for each and every meeting now due to hacking issues many have experienced since the virus outbreak in March. *****so each week once our hosting member gets us that info, we will have to share that weekly with you. so you will need to please rsvp *****once logged in Zoom will place you in what they are calling a 'holding room', then the hosting members will have to greet you, ensure you are logging into the correct meeting, then they can move you to the full meeting 'room' * Currently these sessions will be temporarily online meetings, until allowed to go back to in person meetings again. *our goal is to continue with a format, close to how the physical meetings ran. -- Thank You, VP.PR Vince Northeast Philly Toastmaster Club phone -[masked] email - [masked] meetup- http://www.meetup.com/Northeast-Philly-Toastmasters-Club-01134526

Fort Washington Communicators Toastmasters


Feel free to drop in and check things out! Email with any questions, [masked]

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