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The purpose of a “Knowledge Café” is to bring people together in an effort to learn from each other. The learnings are directly applied to make a positive difference in the world. Knowledge Cafés are mini-workshops where the participants engage in the theme of the evening. They are about networking, knowledge sharing and learning from each other – as opposed to presentations with questions-and-answer at the end. The presenter offers a short introduction, followed by 3 rounds of small group conversation. The night ends with a large group discussion.

The outcome for the participants is individual choice. It is often something that each individual views differently, that they can act on and do differently - immediately!
These cafes are directly based on David Gurteen’s large and long standing global community. More information available at http://www.gurteen.com/gurteen/gurteen.nsf/id/kcafes

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Lessons that really work – what’s the case for Case Based Learning?

Andrew Muras joins us from Texas, USA where he leads Case Based Learning and other Knowledge Management (KM) initiatives inside a large international organization. One of the oldest debates in KM is whether or not Lessons Learned have ever been effective. What are the practices that work (and that don’t work) when doing Lessons Learned? It often depends upon your context, situation, and environment. Andrew will share exactly what they’ve done, what has worked, what hasn’t worked, and their critical success factors. You might be interested to read the attached article to get the conversation started.

As always, we’ll follow the Gurteen Knowledge Café approach. Andrew will share his thoughts and experiences for 15 minutes, then we’ll have 3 rounds of small group breakouts to discuss the question. We’ll close our 90-minute together with a group discussion. These knowledge cafés are free and virtual each month, we’ll connect via Zoom (the link apparently now appears after you register)

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