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The purpose of a “Knowledge Café” is to bring people together in an effort to learn from each other. The learnings are directly applied to make a positive difference in the world. Knowledge Cafés are mini-workshops where the participants engage in the theme of the evening. They are about networking, knowledge sharing and learning from each other – as opposed to presentations with questions-and-answer at the end. The presenter offers a short introduction, followed by 3 rounds of small group conversation. The night ends with a large group discussion.

The outcome for the participants is individual choice. It is often something that each individual views differently, that they can act on and do differently - immediately!
These cafes are directly based on David Gurteen’s large and long standing global community. More information available at http://www.gurteen.com/gurteen/gurteen.nsf/id/kcafes

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What inspires you? Have you deeply considered your inspirational patterns?

Have you ever thought deeply about inspiration? When have you been truly inspired, are there patterns of inspiration for you? Are there patterns of inspiration and its purpose for all of us? Join Tetyana and I for a free Virtual Knowledge Café on May 23 at 11am ET / 8am PT / 4pm BST / 5pm CET to dive deep into “inspiration”. Tetyana has recently completed her PhD dissertation on the topic of inspiration, she is very excited to share those findings with all of us, and discuss them through our knowledge café format. Here's a snippet about her dissertation to give you an idea: Inspiration is considered as an embodied psycho-spiritual phenomenon and a cyclical process supporting personal development and consciousness evolution. Individual stories of challenge and inspiration reveal an eight-theme pattern: a) paradigm, b) tension or congruence gap, c) challenge, radical opening or “boiling point,” d) “mirror” and connection, e) expanded (embodied) awareness, f) “the moment of truth,” g) liberation, empowerment, shift, and h) integration. This research confirms that people are inspired not by random things, but by that, which resonates with their deep values and meaning structures. Triggered inspiration awakens an individual to the hidden and suppressed aspects of their psyche. Personal challenge can create an opening for inspirational transcendence and shift in consciousness. Inspiration facilitates connection and alignment between a person and her true self and spirit. From three deeper levels of meaning in its relationship with a person, inspiration acts as a facilitator of: a) paradigm and mind frame shift; b) personal integrity, authenticity and truth; c) creative process and creativity as a way of being. For discussion: 1. What is the connection between individual inspiration and human consciousness evolution? 2. How does individual inspiration help to facilitate personal growth? 3. What role does inspiration play in its relationship with a person? 4. What is the connection between individual inspiration and truth discovery? 5. How does inspiration connect with individual authenticity? 6. What is the role of values and beliefs in the individual inspiration process? === Zoom Video Conference Info === https://zoom.us/j/391308686

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