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This is a group for anyone interested in Scala programming language and related technologies.

Videos from out meetups are available for free on our youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOVrZ4Zn9ffdX6uOeLjhRog/videos).

You can find us also on Medium (https://medium.com/krakow-scala) where you can read more about the group (https://medium.com/krakow-scala/about-krakow-scala-user-group-f36ed6cc9c6d).

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Metaprogramming in Scala & (Almost no) Dependency Injection

Let’s meet at the next KSUG meetup. Join us on March 27th. This time, the event will be held in Polish. Check out the details. ⬇️

🎙️ ‘(Almost no) Dependency Injection in Scala’ - Roman Janusz

In this talk, I would like to first briefly discuss the spectrum of approaches to the problem of dependency injection and application initialization in Scala. Afterwards I would like to present a unique, minimalistic, opinionated solution to this problem that we have employed at AVSystem.

🎙️’Metaprogramming for everyone in Scala 3’ - Michał Pałka

Metaprogramming is a powerful mechanism. It can help developers reduce boilerplate in their codebases, provide additional compile-time checks of the correctness of a program, and even perform optimizations affecting its runtime.
However, with great power comes great responsibility. For this reason, metaprogramming features in different programming languages are often hidden from ordinary users behind a thick wall of extra complexity and special syntax. That was also the case in Scala 2. Scala 3, on the other hand, attempts to bridge this gap. It provides programmers with several levels of immersion into the world of metaprogramming with smooth transitions between them.
This talk will explain the basic concepts and techniques used in metaprogramming in Scala 3. It will also give you some practical tips on developing libraries and applications in this approach.

🎙️ Roman Janusz
I'm a backend tech leader at AVSystem and an experienced Scala engineer interested in programming languages, compilers, distributed systems and performance.

🎙️ Michał Pałka
Software Developer @ VirtusLab. Believes that simplicity is the key to modern software development. Passionate about all technologies and ideas that make programmer’s work more efficient and programmer’s life more enjoyable.

The event is sponsored by VirtusLab & OnAir Entertainment.

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