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This is a group for anyone interested in Scala programming language and related technologies.

Videos from out meetups are available for free on our youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOVrZ4Zn9ffdX6uOeLjhRog/videos).

You can find us also on Medium (https://medium.com/krakow-scala) where you can read more about the group (https://medium.com/krakow-scala/about-krakow-scala-user-group-f36ed6cc9c6d).

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Event Sourcing at scale & Simple Scala Tooling

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Venue: Barka, Podg贸rska 16, Krak贸w
Start: 6:00 PM

馃嚨馃嚤 Event in Polish

On the agenda:

馃帣锔忊橢vent Sourcing at scale鈥 by Adam Kope膰

Everybody heard about event sourcing. It's a well-known design pattern created to easily work with any kind of data, for which the chain of state modifications might be more important than the end result. But is there something more about it than just a boring definition, that it's a `.foldLeft` on the stream of events? Does it bring any non-obvious challenges? Can it be applied at scale, in a real-time system? Those are the questions that I'm hoping to answer during my tech talk.

馃帣锔忊橲imple Scala Tooling鈥 by Tomasz Godzik

In this talk, Tomasz would like to share some insights that stem from that experience along with some current work done at VirtusLab to improve the user experience of Scala tooling. We will try to answer the question of what it means for a tool to be simple and also we will go through some of the features developed within ScalaCLI and Metals to see how we tried to simplify the user experience when working with these tools.

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Adam Kope膰:

Adam is an experienced engineer who started his professional software development career more than 15 years ago. He's been playing around with Scala for about 3 years and JVM for about 6 years now, currently working with excitement in the online gambling industry.
A deep believer in Conway's and Goodhart's laws, sceptical about the new, shiny and highly marketed technologies, engaged promoter of good engineering practices on every level of the SDLC.

Tomasz Godzik:

Tomasz has worked with multiple programming language tools through the years trying to provide a pleasant environment for other developers to interact with. Team lead of ScalaCLI and Metals teams.

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