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Dear members,

Our member Rebecca kindly offered her beautiful and spacious house to do a summer potluck. Thank you very much, Rebecca!

I just want to relax without too much organizational tasks, so this time I don't charge


Just bring your food and beverages. We're not sure how many people will be coming now, but you can monitor the number here.

And if you'd like to grill food there, you can do that too!)) (See the last photo)

Only thing I need to do is to update the food list as we don't want to have 10 salads only or desserts. So, just like we did in the past, I'll edit the list every time the attendees notify the dishes. OK, here's the list:

1. Appetizers

Indian Vegan Lentil Soup (Erica)

Paté and homebaked French baguette(s) (Melody)

A bottle of French wine, French cheese, and baguette (Elena J)

Egg rolls (Larry)

2. Salad

Coleslaw or Potato salad (Jeff Polan)

Fruit salad (Teena)

Israeli couscous salad (Eva)

Vegetarian Dish (Andie)

Fruit salad and drink (Eugene's guest)

3. Sides (any kind)

Cold somen noodle with 2 kinds of sauce and julienned cucumber, ham, cooked shiitake mushroom, sakamushi (sake steamed) chicken, kabayaki unagi (eel), usuyaki tamago (egg), tomato, green onion, shiso, kaiware (radish sprouts), and myouga (Sally)

Thai rice dish (Ronnie)

Applesauce (Judith Berke)

Homemade cornbread (Steve)

Shumai and gyoza (Meg)

Pasta alfredo (Ocean Girl)

Vegetable Quinoa (KathrynMarie)

4. Entree (aka protein - meat, seafood, beans, tofu, etc)

Chicken (Charles)

A pot of mild vegetables and meat chili (Rick)

Chicken enchilada casserole, or a mock ravioli casserole (Laura S.)

Vegetable egg rolls (Rowena)

South African Atcha with mash potatoes and a bottle of wine (Eugene)

5. Dessert and Beverage

Almond jello with tropical fruits (Linh)

Large pitcher of Sangria and Pineapple Bourbon Punch summer drink (Rebecca)

Cookies (JeanClaude Razac)

Key lime pie (Maureen)

Peanut butter chocolate fudge (Tami)

Portuguese sweets (JeanClaude Razac)

I'll provide some food and plastic plates, utensils, cups, etc. The food can be homemade by whoever, or store bought or deli/restaurant ordered. And any drink but you must LOOK over 18 years old!))

See you there,