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Dystopia Rising : All that Glitters is not Gold

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El Dorado has been established, barely. Lives were sacrificed and some green-veining was the result - just to allow the Postal Walker to travel unmolested on his appointed rounds through the city. But what was the prize? A collection (albeit large collection) of weird looking ramshackle buildings, not quite like any town anyone had ever seen? Strange Zed who repeat phrases and tasks from before their death occupy the city still. Although the number of Shamblers is low compared to the surrounding areas, they still seem to come in numbers that defy logic. The Survivors have taken this bit of shelter as their own, at least for the time being. There does seem to be things in this town that will allow it to flourish, it's quite evident - from the bountiful herbs growing wildly by the riverbed, to the artifacts in town that look like they can be rebuilt, or re-purposed. Is it too good to be true?

The zed come, but not as strong. There have been weird patterns in the earth. Sometimes, the shadows of the dark alleys materialize, and walk around the center of town, watching the Survivors, almost curiously. Yet, the living and the unliving, continue on, going through the motions. The cycle continues.

The cold winter air whips through the valley. The rains will come, and possibly the white as well. It will be harder to find food, it will be harder to find the energy to drive off the never ending undead. And there are others that dwell here, even claim dominion over what they had fought so hard to find. Some of the travelers that the Survivors picked up seem unnaturally at ease, setting up shop and becoming more entrenched in the town each day. The days pass, and the cold deepens, the Postman is on his way with hopefully news from afar, and the Happy Holidays approach....

Date : December 13th-15th

Location : Koroneburg

Players may arrive on-site at 5pm.

Check in will begin at 6pm.

Cost : $45 (New players $20 with ticket!)


We will not be providing meals for this game. We ask that you bring food and water so that you don't have to leave site - as this interrupts immersion and flow of game. As this is a survival game, plan appropriately. We suggest food that is very easily prepared, food eaten on the go - we will not have a designated time to eat (game never shuts down). We also ask that all food look "period" (post apocalyptic). Basically, no fast food wrappers, soda cups. Canned food or canned beverages are okay. Canned food would have no paper wrappers (as in Firefly); you can use sand paper to rough up and "age" containers and cans.

Basic (and limited) snacks and drinks will be available to you for your NPC shifts.

NPC shifts are mandatory unless you buy the NPC buyout option. It will be listed for sale two days before the event. The standard shift is 4 hours long, and will be assigned by Logistics.

Special Prerequisites :

* We would like to ask that all character backgrounds and game writeups from the previous event be sent in before December 12th. Game write-ups currently earn you 10 AP if you make the deadline. Send submissions to .

* Have a copy of your character sheet ready at check in. Remember you may spend the XP you earn at this event, during the event itself. Please read the rules or speak to a member of Staff at the event if you should have any questions on how this works.

Miscellaneous :

Parking info - Near the entrance to the Faire proper. There is no charge for parking.

The Game Staff recognizes that many players will wish to indulge in creature comforts with amenities that are not on site. We ask that you consider and plan carefully any time you will be off site. The game will not wait for you, there will be no one to catch you up in the midst of action.

At this time, if players sleep in their vehicles they are also considered "out of game", as if they were off site, and may not simply magically materialize to help their friends if they are woken up be the sounds of combat. We wish to respect the fact that certain people have made the efforts to bring some creature comforts and allow them to have them; but the fact remains that vehicles are considered out of game, and thus the people that reside in them. If a vehicle is to be considered an in game space, it must be accessible to the STs and Marshals. Check with Logistics before game to get more information.

Campground Information

We ask that everyone help with keeping the immersion as high and constant as possible.

Basic campground etiquette applies...

* Everyone is expected to police their own trash.

* Smoking areas and rules will be announced during listen up.

* No open fires are allowed, propane grills only.

Note that additional rules may be added to this list prior or during the event by Game Staff - if necessary.

Campground Amenities

* There is no potable water on site

* There are two rest rooms for the site, flush toilets

* Tent camping only, no buildings or perma-tents

* There is electricity on site, but it's use is limited to Staff. If you have questions, please check with Logistics.

Important things to bring...

* An open mind. This isn't a regular LARP. There are times where the conflict and parts of the story are being created completely between the Players themselves. If you aren't used to playing against your friends, this will be a challenge. This is balanced with the need to work together, just to survive.

* A good attitude, especially in regards to critiques and problems that will always come up. We are here to have fun, adventure, and engage in the world we've created.

* Bring insect repellent and sun screen. It may be still HOT during the day. Hydrate!!!

* Bring warm clothing and layers! It WILL be COLD during the night. 33 degrees on Friday night, 37 on Saturday night. Be proactive and look up the weather to plan appropriately. Clothing should be designed to protect from the elements, including insects, poison ivy/oak, stinging nettles, sun, wind and rain! Because of the cold, it is critical to stay as dry as possible. It's more important to stay comfortable during the entirety of the event than to expose yourself to elements that will make you uncomfortable, or worse - miserable.

Packing List:

* Garb/armor/weapons.

* Change of clothing and the means to make a reasonable effort to stay clean! Moist toilettes, water and towels for a quick wipe down, deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrush - ALL are required to have the other players want to interact with you and for each of us to catch a bit of refreshment in the midst of this two day, combat and activity filled event.

* Good serviceable black boots or shoes (that can get dirty and have some tread - even a bit of water-proofing is good. NO OPEN-SHOES (i.e., sandals, flip flops)

* NPC garb if you plan on being one - (Black clothing, shirts and pants) and sweatshirts to wear under garb. Obviously, plan for the weather.

* If you bring NPC clothing for you to wear during your shift (zed outfit, raider stuff), you will be awarded 5 AP, per complete costume, at check in! Please check in with Logistics to make sure you claim your award!

* Remember that you must supply your own food.

Rick McCoy, Ramsey Rickabaugh, and Basem Chaikhouni

Directors - El Dorado


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