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What we’re about

LA Cannabis Entrepreneurs is dedicated to fostering regulatory change, innovation, enterprise and connection among professionals starting and sustaining cannabis-related businesses. Our purpose is to motivate, network, and inspire entrepreneurs, start-ups, career seekers, and existing businesses through talks, sharing, and camaraderie. We welcome all cannabis related business professionals: growers, dispensary and delivery service owners, product developers, investors and more!

This is an extremely exciting time for the cannabis industry. We're dedicated to capturing that excitement and using it as a launching point to form a community of like minded professionals wanting to connect and share. Planned topics include:

- Regulatory change - especially at the local level here in Los Angeles

- Business formation and growth 

- Industry resources

Our principles:

- An open market that allows new entrants, fair competition and meritocracy.

- A spirit of activism tied to a unified, strong voice at the local, state and national level.

- Holding ourselves and each other to high standards of professional, ethical behavior.

- Embracing diversity across all dimensions of the industry.