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Queer Deaf Social: SF LGBT Deaf Monthly Social-1st Fridays by Patrick
Patrick Paddy Ip invites you from Facebook "San Francisco Deaf coffee" Facebook invite... SF Queer Deaf Join us! Deaf Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender's social gathering monthly. We all are opened to all Deaf GLBT all over San Francisco, the Bay Area. Deaf Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender monthly social has been supporting Deaf GLBT communities in San Francisco and Bay Area for a long time. We continue to build our Deaf GLBT stronger than ever... Meet new and old friends from around the world. If you have any questions, please ask Patrick directly on Facebook or visit the Facebook group "San Francisco Deaf Coffee" for more detailed information: We hope to see you there. Get ready for fun! BUT... FYI: This event is geared for Deaf GLBT communities and is not an ideal event for American Sign Language students; However, if you are Queer Deaf or hard of hearing person please come. Please understand It is considered rude to speak in a Deaf environment. Please introduce yourself; But, do it with respect! 1st Fridays plan of where to go: 1st: usually a café Maybe Philz Coffee in Castro 2nd: Maybe a restaurant (our choices, Thai House Express or Firewood) 3rd: Maybe meet for dessert and more fun chatting! San Francisco and Bay Area Deaf GLBT social monthly Long time LGBT Deaf and HOH A.S.L. meeting now run by Patrick. For more info Please find facebook "San Francisco Deaf coffee" History: For years it was hosted at Cafe Flore named “Queer Deaf Social.” A free “Dutch Treat” social of queer Deaf locals & friends.

philz Coffee

549 Castro · San Francisco, CA