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Hey there! We're a group of movie nuts looking to have some fun nights at the theater and meet some great local GSRM/LGBT people! So feel free to join up, whether you're just coming to meet some new friends, looking for a special someone, have a date with your SO, or just enjoy some movies! What theater, movie, or date/time we meet is entirely dependent on what's showing and when people are free! Feel free to propose whatever you'd like, and anyone interested can stop by! I'll be posting "official" meet-ups, usually for groups of movies that start around the same time (so you're not stuck with a genre you don't like). Most of the meet-ups I post will be at the AMC Theater at Arapahoe and Parker, but like I said, that's not the only theater we can meet at!

All meet-ups are pay for yourself, but obviously if someone else is willing to pay for you, that's fine!

Also, since I'm on the South side of Denver, that where most of the meetings I schedule will be. But please leave suggestions for meet ups in other areas so everyone can participate! Go to Discussions and either reply to the thread I started with your idea, or just post a new thread! I'll schedule ad many other suggestions as I

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More Teeth than Pennywise (Venom: Let There be Carnage)

Regal Continental Stadium 10

NOTE: My bad on the short notice. The date has been moved one week to 10/24. Hopefully more people will be able to attend 🙂

Hey there, Moviegoers! Wow, it's been a minute (thanks, COVID). I, for one, am pretty tired of sitting at home and being antisocial. Honestly, I should have done this months ago! I know not everyone feels safe going out, but for those who do, let's see a movie in a theater!!

Okay, now about the movie: I trust you've all seen Venom. No, you haven't? Well, let me catch you up: sentient space goo + human host = badass antihero. Marvel Universe, so no, Batman's not in it.

Got it? Okay, cool. Now, this movie is the sequel to the first one. I've heard it's at least as good as #1, but still only rated PG-13 (Sorry, fellow Deadpool fans). So, that just means that the face-eating and bone-chomping hijinks are going to be SEVERELY EDITED. Also, fewer F-bombs.

I digress... this movie has the badass Venom symbiote in it but also Carnage, who is exactly the same, except red and (more) evil. And without a good, moral person as the host, this one really gets out of hand. I'm guessing there will be some violence..

In any case, this should be a fun and awesome Marveliscious movie without any pesky Avengers (soooo 2010s, am I right?). So, come on down and have a good time. We'll meet in the OUTER LOBBY 15-30 minutes before the movie starts, so come say hi!!

Very sorry I didn't post this until Friday - short notice means poor attendance, I know, I know. But counterpoint: you didn't have any plans for Sunday afternoon anyway, did you? You don't even have to talk to anyone if you don't want - it's a movie!

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