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Want to have a fun night out dancing? New in town, all your friends are now married with kids, just get out of a terrible relationship? We hear you and feel the same way. Come shake it out and dance with us. We welcome any lady who wants to have a good time dancing (21+). Please have a picture of yourself in your profile. We are a ladies only group.

While alcohol is a normal part of the club scene, we don't intentionally drink as a group nor take responsibility for anyone who decides to become visibly drunk. We do promote safe drinking and club behavior.

We'll meet once a month at a club or bar, normally the first Saturday night of the month. Please feel free to suggest your favorite club/bar, especially if it has no cover charge.

General Club Safety Suggestions (please send me any you know of)

DO NOT accept drinks from strangers. If a guy wants to buy you a drink, go to the bar WITH him, watch the bar tender make the drink, then take the drink from the bar tender, and let the guy pay. At no point should a drink be in the hand of anyone else and be passed to you. The drink can be drugged as it passes to you.

DO NOT leave your drink alone. DO NOT leave your drink with friends. They can get distracted by a cute guy. Keep your drink directly in front of you, not off to the side. Cover your drink with your hand over the top so no one can drug it. Take your drink with you to the bathroom, seriously. Ideally, we would all have sippy cups. Your drink can be drugged in one second as you look away. There is no smell or taste.

When in doubt, DUMP IT! Dump it on the floor, at the bar, in a plant, where ever, just not in someone else's cup. Your safety is more important than a $10 drink or the staff having to clean up a mess. That's their job.

If one of the group girls is drunk, do not leave her alone. If she is too drunk to have fun, have her call a cab/uber/safe person. Stay with her until she meets her safe person or gets into the cab/uber.

You should check with others if someone is missing. We don't take legal responsibility, but we try to keep track of people. If you leave to another bar, please let someone know. If you want to exchange phone numbers, that's cool. You can also make a whatsapp group to message everyone and keep track of friends.

You should have someone walk with you to your car at the end if you drove. DO NOT walk around outside alone, especially if you are drunk, look drunk or if there are no crowds. Guys can grab you in alleys and parking lots.

If some guy at the club will not leave you alone or is following you, STAY WITH SAFE PEOPLE you trust. Tell the bar tender or bouncer that guy is harassing / bothering / following you. The bouncer should escort him out or at least tell him to leave you alone. DO NOT go out in the parking lot (trying to get away from him) where there are no witnesses and he can grab you.

Being drugged feels like you are suddenly VERY drunk and were not that drunk 5 minutes ago. It feels like you are walking on the bottom of a pool, then you get very sleepy, then you will lose control of your legs, the rest of your body and then pass out. You have about 5 minutes or less from feeling this way to being passed out. Sometimes it can take 5 seconds, seriously. You will not remember anything the next day. At this point the guy will drag you away pretending he is your boyfriend taking care of his drunk girlfriend. It is important that if you have a friend who can't stay awake and/or loses motor control, you do not leave them alone to sober up on a couch. If you feel this happening to you, DO NOT wander off alone - stay with friends and tell them what is happening IMMEDIATELY. If you find yourself alone, find someone you trust IMMEDIATELY. If you cannot find anyone, go to the women's bathroom and lock yourself in a stall. Call your safe person to come get you and/or an ambulance. If you don't have a safe person, call an ambulance to take you to the hospital. They can give you an IV to flush the drugs out of you (it's cheap) and you will be safe. The danger is being alone and being dragged away by bad people.

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