Putting the 'Design' in 'Design Systems with Dan Mall

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Let’s face it: design systems are tools to largely help developers to create well-designed products. And that’s great! Consistency, headstarts, and shared standards are good for everyone.

But where does that leave designers? How do we exercise the advantages of gorgeous art direction and intuitive interaction design? Why does it feel like the job we’ve been successfully doing for years is quickly fading away?

We had so much fun talking about design systems with Anna, Ying, Ashoomi, and Rachel during our Practice Panel Party earlier this year, that we figured we'd continue the conversation by bringing in Dan Mall to share his perspective.

Dan Mall has been coaching and working with in-house teams on their design systems for a few years. In this talk, he’ll share what he’s learned about each team member’s role, where to be efficient vs. where to be experimental, and how we can all better collaborate to benefit from everyone’s knowledge and skills.

Dan's Twitter: https://twitter.com/danmall
Dan's Company: https://superfriendlydesign.systems/