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Ladies In Power (aka LIP) is a welcoming, fun-loving, inspirational sisterhood whose purpose is to empower women and build confidence through supportive, trusting friendships. We are a diverse group of women of all ages and backgrounds who have come together to encourage and challenge each other to be our best and to live with great purpose. Come and share your passions, your fears and desires. We’ll support you and even challenge you to get to that next level, whatever that is for you.

LIP’s can be found sharing intimate girl time over coffee in a member’s kitchen or in a bigger space running goal setting workshops and vision boards events. We go to community events together and even plan trips together! If you’re a woman who has ever wanted to go beyond the surface of a handshake, really bond and grow with other powerful women this is the place.Whether you are new to the area, find yourself alone or have a day off and are seeking a fun place to connect, grow or even design the next chapter of your life, this is a fantastic environment to do just that because when two or minds come together, you get a Mastermind!

Together we will show one another how beautiful, how special, how powerful, how loved and how gifted we all really are! We are excited to meet you www.LadiesInPower.ca (http://www.ladiesinpower.ca/)

CONNECT workwithmeeka@gmail.com 604-351-8370

What Ladies In Power are saying....

"I wished for girlfriends to come into my life and support me and here I have found it! Ladies, please come, Meeka is amazing! We will listen to you, we will hug you and we will help you on your journey." ~ Zhanna

"Thank you Ladies in Power for years of supporting me, lifting me up and calling me on my crap! I am so excited to be moving forward with clarity!" ~ Anna S

"Amazing, positive women, supporting each other with their intentions and goals. Definitely one to come to and hang out!" ~ Laura F

"Thank you for a wonderful visit ladies! Can't wait for our gift exchange!" ~ Lisa B

"This is the place to come to meet new women. In your comfort zone, and want to shift? This is the safe place to come and grow! Once I got through my fear of meeting new women I had a really fun time!"~ Barbara J

"Love this intimate group and all their life stories. Wonderful to connect to you all." ~ Angela A

"I'm so happy I made it today!!! I had bus blunders but I came and I'm so glad I did. I really did need to meet more people and begin moving forward in my life. I felt shameful to show up so late but I thought whatever I've been so excited for the last two weeks!!! I don’t want to miss out even if it’s just for 15 minutes I leave feeling renewed and connected. Ty Meeka!!!" ~ Wendy C

"I will spread the word…Glad I attended! " ~ Jenny

"Fantastic group of real women. Bravo to Meeka and her volunteers for their great vision and energy. A safe place to have fun with no pretenses." ~ LoriI

"Love this group of ladies. Everyone is so willing to talk and interact. Ladies of all ages, with friends, without friends, business owners, employees, or just interested to listen to a wonderful speaker. Well done everyone you rock (as Meeka says)!!" ~ Brenda

For more info contact Meeka 604-351-8370 Email - workwithmeeka@gmail.com

For security reasons exact locations are only shared when you RSVP 💋

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Amazing women connecting and sharing

White Rock

Amazing women connecting and sharing

White Rock

Amazing women connecting and sharing

White Rock


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