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Ladies In Power aka LIP is..

'Women Empowering Women'

Our Purpose:
To empower women globally, transforming ourselves within. Positively impacting the world through trusting, caring, lasting friendships. We are a loving, courageous, and inspirational sisterhood filled purpose, integrity and heart. A diverse group of women of all ages and backgrounds who have come together to build loyal and trusting friendships inspiring greatness in the world together.

Here's what one of our LIP members wrote to us today Feb 26, 2016

" I wanted to reach out and send you a thank you note for LIP and your amazing energy.In the last year; my life did a 180 degree change. I recall I attended a LIP meeting in January, 2015; it was so inspiring. I met you and Angele; I felt empowered and ready to make some changes. At that point; I was all about advancing my career and networking; but I walked out realizing I had to work on myself. Later you invited me to take the PSI seminar and it blew my mind. So many things suddenly were so cleared. Like my lack of commitment towards my relationship; the back door “exit” I always left open by not wanting to get married; refusing to have kids; and the deep rooted fear of rejection that made me the super independent person I was; when in reality; I wanted to do everything alone so I wouldn’t need anyone; therefore no one would let me down or hurt me. I have made new relationships since then; I have eliminated some toxic ones; I saw my boyfriend in such a new light that we fell in love all over again; I accepted to get married and even trying for a baby; we are now thrilled about expecting our first baby and we fully realize the miracle this baby is; every day I am thankful that we made it one more day. At my work; I focused on changing from “extremely efficient and business like” to “supportive and caring” – I still need to deliver results; but my approach to get those results is entirely different. People comment how much “softer” I am now… Now I am not afraid of connecting with people; and that allowed me to open up. I have had multiple people ask me “how can you be this different person today? Just over a year ago; you were so different!” and I always say that my life changed the day I went to LIP I still have so much to work on and I crave having more time to devote to my growth; but I am on the right track and it’s largely thanks to you. Feel free to share this note with the LIP ladies; you do amazing work. Thank you and all the best! "

LIP events are interactive and fun! We are about who you are, not what you do *Please take a moment to read our reviews and threads

Together we show each other just how beautiful, special, powerful, loved and gifted we all really are!

For more info email Meeka@LadiesInPower.ca or call 604-351-8370. We are 100% volunteer run and all proceeds go to our Ladies In Power Foundation to build our 'School of Dreams' where we will host, educate, love and inspire children whom have fallen through the cracks in our broken system.

xoxo LIP

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