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Welcome to one of Toronto's largest and most active networks!


For 8 years we have been one of Toronto's best meetups! It is has to do with meeting new people in a social, friendly, relaxed & non-spammish (read: non-business-related) fashion and we have done it!

There are lot of funny stories about internet social sites, most of them are probably true. Hence these groups exists, a place to network and expand your circle of friends without having the annoyance of getting hit on every five minutes.

Which along our sister groups the non-for-profit TorontoFriends.Org (http://www.torontofriends.org) and Speak Spanish To Me (http://www.speakspanishtome.com), the city's largest Spanish speaking peer-to-peer group we have a total membership of over 5792+ members! Tons of friendships have been forged so sign up, come out and get ready to have an amazing time!

We are avoiding the meat market scene and it's desperation. Come socialize in a down-to-earth environment. So come, relax, meet new friends, you will be glad you did!

Let's enjoys 2012 as it should be!

As a side note, to keep things simple and this should go without saying, rule number 1 is: no-shows will not be tolerated. Simply removed. Please, please, consider your RSVP sacred.


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