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What we’re about

Land Ops is a one-of-a-kind off-road navigation and radio communication group.
Our outings are called "ops" and they are all about TEAMWORK. These are choreographed exercises that involve two or more teams navigating an unknown course, sometimes even at night. Teams report to a net control station within the region and find their way by acquiring a series of hidden caches with special instructions. 
Land Ops is like NOTHING you've ever seen before. 
Club video overview
Video of one of our level 2 ops (below):
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The teams synchronize their movement as they progress through the exercise that takes them on adventures into the unknown.
Our main challenge categories include;
Off Road Driving   |   Navigation   |   Radio & Signal Communications
Vehicle Recovery  |   Night Ops    |   Search and Rescue Drills   
Other tasks may include hiking, rappelling, real search and rescue ops and drone applications.

Many of our members are licensed ham radio operators. We practice emergency radio communications and related support roles.
Land Ops Meetup membership is free. Members are required to RSVP to attend and sign liability and film/photo waivers in order to participate. 

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