LeSS PBR Session Simulation, with User Story Mapping at the wall


This bright :) idea came to me last night (I dont frequently say it about myself) and I am immediately executing on it:

The upcoming meetup WILL BE tightly coupled to LeSS. I am a bit embarrassed that I did not figure this out sooner (my initial message was that this one will be a bit away from LeSS main talk - oh boy, was i wrong?).

This Meetup will be LeSS Product Backlog Refinement (PBR) simulation session that will using User Story Mapping exercise, leveraging teaching of Mike Cohn, Jeff Patton, Roman Pichler and others key contributors to this area...

The hosts of our meetup (Ellen and Geoff), who know Nureva Span Collaboration tool best, will play roles of 'Area Product Owner' (that is if we simulate LeSS Huge model) OR one of you will be Product Owner and another one SME (that is if we simulate simple LeSS).

The main construct of the meetup will remain the same, with the virutal wall canvas - to be heavily used by all attendees.

BUT...it is the context that we will be giving to the session that will be more exiting.

Here is some context:
There are two Nureva Span Software "views": Client (what I have installed on my laptop) and Virtual Wall ("server").

Ellen and Geoff will help us classify (from business standpoint) if these represent the same Product (in which case we shall simulate LeSS game) or different Product Areas of a bigger product (in which case we shall simulate LeSS Huge game).

(Note: note number of people that needs to be involved in LeSS Huge will be ignored for now - it is just a game!)

Based on their classifications, we will slightly change dynamics of how people will be using the wall. I will be giving detailed instructions to everyone on Tuesday.

To save time on LeSS theory, could you please review the following short links on less.works site? This will help you a lot to feel to engage effectively on Tuesday.


thanks to all, gene