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“Inspire Agile Transformation from Bottom-Up“ LeSS Experiments @ German Company

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The real Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) adoptions aim to start from the bottom-up to create the ownership “owning vs. renting” and top-down, to provide the right structure e.g. for Feature Teams, simultaneously.
Many coaches are starting at the team level or starting with a few teams, and not on the upper management level. Does that mean if you cannot change the organizational structure, you cannot benefit from LeSS?
In this case study, I will give some answers. I would like to show you the opportunities with the bottom-up approach and where are the limits and pains with it.
With patience, the LeSS principles, and good timing in the argumentation, it is possible to inspire the higher management for Large-Scale Scrum and it principles as well. On the long-term this can bring management to change from a pure bottom-up approach to a combined top-down and bottom-up approach.
These are then very good preconditions for introducing LeSS sustainably in the organization.

Speaker's Bio:
Sofia Pelzl - is an experienced Agile Coach guiding the global organization on the path to true Agile. Certified in Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) as a LeSS Professional, LeSS Basic Trainer, several years of experience as an IPMA Level B, Advanced Scrum Master (Scrum Alliance/SAFe), Kanbanist and ICF-PCC Coach. A natural communicator, conference speaker, fluent in German and English. Have a strong passion for optimizing her teams' adaptability to growing challenges - through an agile way of working and organizational redesign. Culture follows structure!

Optimizing Your Organizational Structure For Agility, with Wolfgang Steffens

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Large organizations often start their journey into agility by piloting Scrum to one or two teams that work pretty independently from the rest of the organization. In most of those cases, the collaboration within the team improves, progress is made transparent, ownership and responsibility are moved more towards the team, and the pilots are declared successful. Now the organization wants to scale Scrum to all of the teams. This multi Scrum-team approach results in many "team backlogs", "Team Product Owners", and dependencies. Overall, it is leading to local optimization as the organization as a whole does not improve. Even worse, overall productivity goes down, it takes longer to complete and ship customer features, and the organizational capability to change its direction easily and quickly is not in place, thus the organization will not regularly deliver the highest customer value. In this event, we will explore the reasons why this happens, we will illustrate the most critical structural elements which an organization needs to implement in order to evolve from a multi Scrum-team towards a multi-team Scrum i.e., an Agile organization.

Wolfgang is a passionate, energetic, inspiring, and authentic coach with 10+ years of experience in large-scale Lean and Agile global Product Development. He is a Certified LeSS Trainer, Certified LeSS Coach, Systems Thinker, Scrum Master, and experienced in facilitating large workshops. His learning started in 2005 when he was introduced to Scrum and Agile for the first time. He coached organizations in their LeSS adoption from 2007 onwards and in 2010 a SAFe adoption. Systems Thinking and Systematic Problem Solving workshops are just some of his favorites.

He has 10+ years of experience in Program and Project Management, including the successful commercial launch of products. Further, he has many years of experience as a Development Manager for Program Management at the Business Unit and division level within Nokia, as well as at the company level at Nokia Siemens Networks.

His 3+ years Round-The-World journey on a motorcycle with his dogs has sharpened his problem-solving skills and he started to practice the art of mindfulness.

Besides his long experience in telecommunication with Nokia/Nokia Siemens Networks, his latest assignments were in organizations like insurance, digital automation, retail, automotive, pump systems, electromechanical as well as electro-mechatronic product development organizations. In October 2020 he founded kai kaku Oy in Finland and he continues to provide training and coaching to organizations worldwide.

Certified LeSS For Executives(CLE) w/ Craig Larman (July 11-13, 2023)

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SUMMARY: This is a course in ORGANIZATIONAL DESIGN for large-scale product development, with the optimizing goal of ADAPTIVENESS. Learning and applying organizational design (policies of Finance/HR/Development, structure of sites/groups/teams, definition of jobs/paths, and much more) is the responsibility of senior management.

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Meeting with Craig Larman

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Meet with LeSS co-creator Craig Larman.
More information: TBD

This will be an in-person event @ one of Downtown Manhattan, NYC locations.
Virtual attendance will be also available.

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