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What we’re about

EVERYONE is welcome!
This physical, emotional, mental and social exercise program is officially called "Laughter Yoga", but we do not do hatha/physical yoga. Rather, we combine intentional laughter (which quickly becomes real and genuine laughter) with yogic breathing and relaxation to bring more oxygen to our bodies and brains and exercise the creative and playful parts of our brain, breaking down our inhibitions and emotional/mental blocks.
Laughter classes are a fun, easy and effective way to de-stress and it's good for our hearts, lungs, digestive system, immune system, etc.!
Many people join us who are not part of Meetup, so even if only one or two people RSVP through Meetup, there is sure to be more people at the group!
FREE Laughter Classes meet all over the world (search on or google it).  In SAN DIEGO COUNTY there are currently 5 Laughter Classes that meet regularly.
You can find out more about laughter yoga on the international laughter yoga website (

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