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What Hummingbirds and Sunbirds can Tell Us About Design Thinking

A Curious Case of Convergent Evolution - What Hummingbirds and Sunbirds can Tell Us About Design Thinking for Agile Practitioners

In this session Martin Jewiss introduces Design Thinking and explores how it aligns with agile practices.

You will learn:
- What is Design Thinking?
- Why Design Thinking can add value to your agile practices.
- How Design Thinking might be applied to your agile practices.

You may be surprised by how many Design Thinking techniques you use already and how easy it is to boost your current practices.

Speaker Bio:
Martin Jewiss is co-founder and managing director of The Familiar (www.thefamiliar.tech), a human-centred design and technology consultancy.

In his former career as a chartered biologist, he created and managed artificial tropical ecosystems. He often commissioned design and used innovative, inter-disciplinary techniques to solve novel problems.

Today Martin helps clients solve critical problems and innovate products and services using Design Thinking and agile methods. He also designs better customer and user experiences.

With a life-long belief in the power of inter-disciplinary working, Martin has the same focus on durable, valuable impact for clients today, as 20 years ago when growing a jungle.

"Ask a Kanban Trainer" with JP Bayley. Hosted by Jose Casal

This is a series of "ask me anything" sessions hosted by Jose Casal and with one of the leading Kanban trainers as a guest participant.

In this event, we welcome Jean-Paul Bayley.

JP Bayley has been a Kanban trainer since 2015 and was one of the first Professional Kanban Trainers (PKT) in the world. He was a contributor in the creation of the Kanban Guide. He is also a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST), a Flight Levels Guide (FLG) and one of the leading figures in the Training from the BACK of the Room! (TBR) community.

Don't miss out on this session!

Lean Agile Global 2021 - Virtual Conference

Online event

Lean Agile Global is back!

As before, LAG21 will be a not-for-profit virtual conference focused on supporting our community of practitioners and enthusiasts.

Our aim is to organise a high-quality conference experience that retains all the goodness of our in-person conference and keep the ticket prices as low as possible.

Check https://leanagile.global for more details and to purchase your ticket.

The Intangible Tickets are now available via the website for only €20 + VAT. There are only 50 tickets available at this price and until 14 Feb 2021. Prices will go up to €40 + VAT once we announce the speaker lineup.

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