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Evolution from #NoProjects to Continuous Digital

Once upon a time there was IT, and IT departments had projects. Projects were always a bad fit for software development but somehow we made them work. The damaged caused by the project model was obvious when working agile and the #NoProjects critique emerged. Today growth businesses are digital. IT is history. Technology is the business and the business is technology. Projects end but we want our business to continue and grow. Growing a digital business means growing software technology. The continuous digital model is a new model for managing ongoing technology work for the benefit of busineses. In this presentation Allan Kelly will look at how #NoProjects came about, how it evolved into Continuous Digital and how technology management models are changing. *** ABOUT ALLAN *** Allan is the author of seven books including "Continuous Digital", "Little Book of Requirements and User Stories" and his latest book is "The Art of Agile Product Ownership." He has pioneered techniques such as Value Poker, Time-Value Profiles and Retrospective Dialogue Sheets. When not writing Allan consults, coaches and trains software teams. He helps companies embrace the agile and digital world and teams to improve their performance. His blog is at allankelly.net/blog and on Twitter he is @allankellynet.

The Bottleneck Rules - The Advanced Guide to #AgilePlusToC for Beginners

Clarke Ching wrote the amazon best sellers, “Rolling Rocks Downhill” and “The Bottleneck Rules”. He has been practicing Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints for over 20 years, and Agile since 2003. He also runs the #AgilePlusToC virtual conference. *** SESSION DESCRIPTION *** There’s a bottleneck hiding in your Agile workplace. It is slowly, sneakily, crippling your productivity, slowing you down, causing oodles of rework, stressing everyone out, costing you money, and you can’t see it ... yet. Clarke will show you how to find your bottleneck, tame it, manage it It’s simpler than you think, though not always as easy as you’d hope. *** SESSION FORMAT *** This is the first of our regular online webinars connecting us to leading professionals from around the planet. And we couldn't go much further away than New Zealand! This will be a 1-hour ONLINE session using Zoom Webinars. The link to the webinar registration page will be published shortly.

Lean Agile London 2020 Conference

Glaziers Hall

The Lean Agile London 2020 Conference will take place on 27-28 Apr 2020 at Glaziers Hall (right next to London Bridge) For more information about the speakers, schedule and tickets, visit the conference website www.leanagile.london

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