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MVPs with Paul Howe, William Pietri, and Rich Collins

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Price: $25.00 /per person


1355 Market Street, Suite 488 · San Francisco, CA

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There are two entrances. The one nearest the Walgreens is the correct one.

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This is an in depth discussion of Minimum Viable Products. Paul Howe and William Petri will give a short presentation on how to design great MVPs to test a key hypothesis...THEN...

Rich Collins, founder of the Lean Startup Circle will join then and we'll open up the stage to any startup to present their hypothesis and MVP to get immediate feedback from the panel.

You do not need an MVP to attend and gain valuable insight about how to analyze your own product.

Want to get feedback?

You can have ONE slide to present your vision / business model if and only if you send it to me (Tristan at before hand. Plus you can run a short demo via a web browser (chrome, firefox, or safari)

Why are you here? What advice would you like to get out of this presentation? The vision Who is your customer? What problem do they have? What is your solution? The MVP What are you trying to learn? What is the hypothesis you are testing? What data will you look at? Qualitative or quantitative? What metrics? This should be a really interesting night to see how to wrestle with MVP / experiment design in real case studies.

Beer, food, and a good hang with great people is included thanks to the price tag. After expenses, extra proceeds go to building out ( for the community.

About William Pietri

With more than 10 years experience working with startups in various stages, William combines a love of technology and an interest in business with a relentless desire to build products that people love. Starting in 2000, William has pioneered the use of agile techniques in startups, and is an active participant in the Lean Startup movement frequently appearing at Lean Startup Machines, Startup Weekends, and just generally being awesome.

About Paul Howe

Paul is the CEO of NeedFeed and has worked with ecommerce companies such as, FiftyOne, and NearbyNow. His presentation on MVPs at Lean Startup Ignite brought the power of fast iteration with GreaseMonkey scripts into the light.

About Rich Collins

Rich Collins is the founder of the Lean Startup Circle. He is also runs AdSynth, a mobile and web application development consultancy. Rich has been advocating for the lean startup movement on day one.