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Lean Startup Live Experiments workshop

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You asked, we answered! By popular demand, we will be doing a live workshop to work through two(2) product/business ideas using the Experiment Board.

This will be a live working session to get hands on with Lean Startup techniques. You will learn how to create/structure:

• A Customer/Problem hypothesis

• Experiments / thresholds

• An MVP

The group will work through a couple of real world needs. So send me your idea ( , if you want us to help you with it at the workshop.

Considerations for acceptance:

• Cannot be purely theoretical or concept stage

• Has to have been either developed or marketed to some degree

• Founder should be actively pursuing it and should be able to respond to reasonable questions around customer/market/pain point etc.

Since this is a workshop, there is limited seating. RSVP early ( to hold down a spot.

1 S Orange Ave · Orlando, FL
1 spot left