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Are you a gay/bi man who loves giving and receiving massage from other men? Do you wish you knew more massage technique so you could give an even better massage? Wish there was a way to take some classes without having to do the 500 hour professional massage course? Well, your wishes have been granted! Come learn basic Swedish and Deep Tissue with two friendly and enthusiastic CMTs, Kirk and Donny. We are a married couple and teach massage techniques for a different body area each month, e.g. chest, neck, arms. Over time, you'll learn the whole body! In addition, join us for practice sessions, massage exchanges and more! Come be part of this healing touch and massage community!

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Ecstatic Massage Training: The Queer/Gay Prophet

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In this Ecstatic Massage Training we will use the archetype of the prophet to embrace this ecstatic work to take us deeper into pleasure healing and guidance for ourselves and others.

This day training will consist of warm up exercises to play with the theme of the prophet: your message of love stirring inside you. Using intentional touch, breathwork, unclothing ritual and an ecstatic massage with two masseurs/breath coaches and man on the massage table receiving pleasuring massage as they breath to take take a deep inner journey. Each sacred brother will have three brief massages to open up to be available to themselves,Spirit, ancestors and the sense of guidance and support felt in that sacred journey in community. (Workshop limited to12 men plus facilitators)

Every age has its prophets/prophetesses bringing a message of truth. Across spiritual traditions queer folk have been prophetic is many different ways. The role and function of the prophet is to trust in oneself and to speak the truth in love. The offering of such a message requires risk-taking. Facing the need "to be right" so you can be fully free is the work and play of the prophet.

As the last major archetype in the Flesh & Spirit series which frames both the beginning and the end of the ecstatic path as an archetypal progression.(You do not need to have done prior trainings to attend) The prophet is a messenger or herald who brings completion to the cycle. The Prophet/Prophetess is a messenger or herald to usher in the highest good. Often times the prophet has a course correction message to return to love.

The rabbinical meanings of the Hebrew word for prophet sounds very Queer. The word “nabi" means "to speak enthusiastically, to utter cries and to more or less make wild gestures" like the mantic pagans. In the Torah the word means "interpreter or mouthpiece" often describing the function of the word as "prophetic knowledge and vision."

One could entertain many spiritual or philosophical ideas about Queer identity and origins. I assert that being Queer is a gift and a sacred part of the whole. Biologist Thomas Huxley said, “No negative trait (one that does not reproduce) ever continues to appear in a given species millennia after millennia after millennia unless it in some way serves the survival of the species.

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In line with that assertion, consider the possibility that our consciousness chose to come to the earth as Queer. No matter whether this is true or not, the very nature of the Queer person is prophetic.By your very nature as an open gay/queer man you what Author David Nimmons calls “a loving disturbance. Because we come from every tribe, race, religion, nation, culture our DNA is connected to beings thus disturbing at times because we challenge black and white binary thinking and behaving. In these times where lies, misinformation and distortions of the truth are common place we as queer/gay folk are an act of resistance to injustice and oppression. Audre Lorde understood this well as she wrote about our erotic power is part of bringing forth the change need in our world.

There are many new ways prophets are speaking through a variety of mediums these days. Sometimes it is posting a picture that say Love is Love where gay folk are building bridges rather than divisions. James Broughton wrote poetry called Ecstasies. He called us to “insist on love” as a film maker, artist, activist and lover bring light to darkness cast upon us by some. Queer folk are often represented in the Arts of all kinds bringing messages of healing, justice, equality.inclusion and the sacrednessness of all bodies. In today’s world the prophets paint murals. Sometimes are whistleblowers of injustice, take on the political challenges like Pete Buttigieg with his husband and their new children. Journalists committed to truth are often prophetic and many gay people represent truth and fact finding giving us hope and vision. So whether it is the The Gatekeepers of the Dagara Tribe getting into ecstatic trance through their queer bodies or you showing up in your world as gay/queer being prophetic seems to be one of our embodied roles throughout history.

We need more prophetic voices and prophetic way of living moving and having our being as queer folk. Join us in community for deep pleasure and connection to sources that like Rumi say “set your hearts on fire” for love.

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