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What we’re about

Welcome to the Data Science LEARNING Group!
A meetup for people who want to LEARN Data Science as a group. Taking online courses together. Reading books together. Etc. Also with some hands-on workshops taught by 'experts'. It's also a place where you can ask others questions and for help.

This is a sister meetup of: (That's where talks are held.)

But we're at:

Join us on the VanTech discord! Join VanTech here:
And the join the Data Science channel here:

We are also at Twitter, Mastodon and LinkedIn. Please follow us!
Twitter: Learn Data Science, @LearnDSML
Mastodon: Learn Data Science,

What you want to learn not listed here? If you would like a new learning group (on a topic for which there is no learning group yet), please contact the organizers.

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