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Lara S. Study Group #1: Learn About CSS and Browser Mechanics [Los Feliz]


Come join us for the inaugural edition of the Study Group! We’ll kick things off with a very important topic: how does CSS work? To answer this, we need to take a step back and answer how a *browser* works – especially when it comes to CSS, this knowledge will encourage code that works for users across devices and browsers, and writing CSS will become even more enjoyable than it already is!

At 7pm sharp, Lara Schenck will introduce our topic with a 20-ish minute lesson then we will apply our newfound CSS knowledge by collectively working on the website for (even though it's totally amazing as-is – Attendees are welcome to work on their own projects as well!

What to bring:

• Your laptop and charger (or you can always share with someone else and pair program)
• Pen/paper for notes, if that’s your style
• Your curiosity and excitement for CSS, learning, teaching, and coding with new friends!
• Excitement for pizza! Our host, Open Listings, will graciously provide us this pie shaped sustenance as well a choice of beverages. Note that there will be veggie/vegan/gluten-free options as well.

Parking / venue info:

Parking shouldn’t be too tricky – you can usually find a meter on Vermont Ave. or on the residential streets to the east or west.

Open Listings is very close to the Vermont/Sunset Metro stop on the Red Line as well, and there is a bike rack right out front :)

Free CSS Resources:

• Layout Land by Jen Simmons (
• CSS-Tricks - Just Starting Out (
• Mozilla - CSS Basics (
• CSS: The Definitive Guide - (
• CSS Grid Course from Wes Bos (
• CSSConf talk recordings:
• Australia:
• Europe:
• Resilient Web Design by Jeremy Kieth (
• Also available as a podcast (
• A Book Apart – short, wonderful books about web design topics! (


*** We are in the process of creating our own Code of Conduct for In the meantime, please refer to the Girl Develop It Code of Conduct for guidelines around expectations for attendees:
Open Listings
1864 N Vermont Ave · Los Angeles, ca
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