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Lara S. Study Group #2: Learn About Algorithms in CSS [Culver City]


It's time for the second edition of the Study Group, this time in Culver City! Our theme tonight will be *algorithms* in CSS. Huh? We don't usually think of algorithms when we think of CSS, but as we will learn this week, that's not quite accurate! Algorithms play a *big* role in CSS.

From the cascade to coding layouts to creating large scale design systems, we may not write algorithms in the same fashion as other programming languages, but we sure do use them! Let's take a look at CSS as a declarative programming language and investigate how we can use algorithms and algorithmic thinking to write more intentional, better performing CSS.

To kick off our topic, Lara will give an abbreviated version of her upcoming talk at CSSConf EU in June. Then, we will break into groups and practice both planning and coding algorithms in our CSS.

Hope to see you there!

What to bring:

• Your laptop and charger (or you can always share with someone else and pair program)
• Pen/paper for notes, if that’s your style
• Your curiosity and excitement for CSS, learning, teaching, and coding with new friends!
• Hunger! Our gracious host, Replicated (, will provide us food as well a choice of beverages. Note that there will be veggie/vegan/gluten-free options.

Parking / venue info:

Getting there is pretty straightforward, and here is a very helpful map of parking spots provided by Replicated:

Free CSS Resources:

• Layout Land by Jen Simmons (
• CSS-Tricks - Just Starting Out (
• Mozilla - CSS Basics (
• CSS: The Definitive Guide - (
• CSS Grid Course from Wes Bos (
• CSSConf talk recordings:
• Australia:
• Europe:
• Resilient Web Design by Jeremy Kieth (
• Also available as a podcast (
• A Book Apart – short, wonderful books about web design topics! (


*** All attendees at Learn Teach Code events are expected to abide by the Girl Develop It Code of Conduct:

*** Want extra coding help? Join the Learn Teach Code room on Slack (and ask about the channel!):

*** Want to get more involved? We always need more help! You can help with or host a study group, provide mentorship, or volunteer for other fun stuff. Let us know on Slack or in person!
5913 Blackwelder St. · Culver City, ca
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