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Lara S. Study Group #4: Naming Conventions in CSS [Hollywood]


There is a popular saying in Computer Science:

"There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things." -- Phil Karlton

In this 4th installment of the study group, we will explore solutions for the latter: naming our selectors in CSS. Adopting a strategy for naming will greatly improve the organization, re-usability, and readability of your code!

This month we will be in Hollywood, graciously hosted by Fender Guitars at their office at Sunset and Gower.


6:30 - 7:00ish – Arrive and have some food!
7:00 - 7:45ish – Introduction to naming conventions, then digging deeper in semantic naming (BEM) and presentational naming (atomic/functional CSS, presented by Lucas Allmon from Fender!)
7:45ish - 9:00 – Pair program in CodePens based on provided exercises, request a demo, or work on whatever you like!
9:00ish – Bye! Have a safe trip home!

We will be keeping track of the agenda and notes and links in this Dropbox Paper:

What to bring:

• Your laptop and charger (or you can always share with someone else and pair program)
• Pen/paper for notes, if that’s your style
• Your curiosity and excitement for CSS, learning, teaching, and coding with new friends!
• Hunger! Our gracious host will provide snacks.

Getting there:

- Fender Guitars will validate parking for everyone at their building!

- Fender is located within Columbia Square on Sunset & Gower. There are two entrances to the garage, one on Gower and one on El Centro. Please self park and take the stairs or elevators up to the 1st floor.

- It's also right off the Hollywood / Vine Metro stop! And remember, if you don't live near a Metro stop, you can always park your car at Metro's Park & Ride lots ( and then take the train to Hollywood.

Free CSS Resources:

• CSS-Tricks - Just Starting Out (
• Layout Land by Jen Simmons (
• Mozilla - CSS Basics (
• CSS: The Definitive Guide - (
• CSSConf videos:
• Resilient Web Design by Jeremy Kieth (
• Also available as a podcast (
• A Book Apart – short, wonderful books about web design topics! (


*** All attendees at Learn Teach Code events are expected to abide by the Girl Develop It Code of Conduct:

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Fender Musical Instruments
1575 North Gower Street · Los Angeles, CA
How to find us

Fender is located within Columbia Square on Sunset & Gower. Free validated parking! See event description for details.