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NZ Legal Hackers is the NZ Chapter of a growing movement of legal hacking groups around the world. A legal hacker is someone who cares about the intersection of law and technology and seeks to improve legal practice through technology while simultaneously using legal skills to promote technological innovation and exploration.

Legal Hackers explore and develop creative solutions to some of the most pressing issues at the intersection of technology and law. Join us as we tackle tough problems and create tangible solutions at a variety of interactive events, including: discussions, keynotes, demos, workshops (yes, coding), and quarterly hackathons. Our meetings will be aimed at creating proposed resolutions on the spot, so bring your brains and your portable computing devices!

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Legal Hackers NZ - Meet and Greet.

Innovation Lab

Better Rules Hack (Tauranga)


Better Rules Hack (Wellington)


LegalHackersNZ CLB Fest follow-up session at the OpenLab

Service Innovation Lab

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