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L.E.H.K.E.E.R.O.O.V.E.R.S. Lively, Enthusiastic, Happy, Kosher, Ethical, Ecological, Raw, Organic, Optimistic Vegans Equal Rights Sympathizers Enhance what we share in common and emphasize what is important, magnify the special virtues of individuals and merits of the group. Meet fellow humane souls in tune with nature, live harmoniously. Find find other ethical ecological optimistic logical vegan raw food soulmates near you! Single? Looking for your perfect mate? Come to a local Raw Food Meetup to have fun, share Kosher raw food meals, and discuss a vegan healthy diet. Like a lively debate? How can you understand the raw/live food menues, explore delicious recipes, connect and promote your business and re-evaluate your lifestyle? Welcome home! When society benefits we thank you for being recognized as a leader, and also following your conscience and promoting others, who in turn assist you likewise. Take the best and leave the rest, re-energize your soul, understand how religion promotes healing, pray for the ailing and give blessings and praise G-d, be grateful and appreciative of more and more in life and enrichen your being and help heal the planet!

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Budget? Vegan-Raw? Come to Au Lac & Listen to Brandi Rollins' FREE TALK!
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Au Lac Vegan Living Foods Restaurant

Raw Foods on a Budget Free Talk (1 HOUR) (http://www.rawfoodsonabudget.com/events)

Are you struggling with the high cost of raw food?

You are not alone!

Most people approach a food budget by focusing on the price of food; however, this usually results in very little money saved and a lot of running around town for the lowest prices.

THE TRUTH IS…learning how to eat raw foods on a budget is more than about finding cheap produce; it’s a way of LIFE!

And it’s a very good life!

Author and creator of Raw Foods on a Budget, Brandi Rollins, takes a holistic approach to food budgeting by teaching people HOW and WHERE to find inexpensive, high-quality produce; how to PREPARE and STORE raw foods in ways that stretch their dollar; and even how to embrace the ABUNDANCE and JOY a budget can bring to their life!

In this talk, Brandi will teach you her MOST POWERFUL strategies to help you reduce your food bills by 15 to 50%!

Free Materials for Talks
Brandi’s Favorite Budget Strategies ( http://tinyurl.com/rfbudgetsampler )
8 Strategies to Starting a RAW Foods Diet Right Now ( http://tinyurl.com/8rawstrategies )
Raw Foods on a Budget Book Preview (http://tinyurl.com/rawfoodsbudgetpreview (http://tinyurl.com/8rawstrategies))
Confessions of an East Coast Raw Vegan Book Preview ( http://tinyurl.com/confessionspreview )

January 12th, 6pm
Au Lac – Fountain Valley (1 Hour South of LA)
16563 Brookhurst Street
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Talk starts at 7pm. Come early to order dinner!

Register Here: https://www.meetup.com/rawfood-202/events/44834532/

Male Vegans wanted for Grad Student Study
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Hey there! My names Liss and I'm a Graduate student (and vegan myself) doing a study on Male Vegans. The purpose of my study is to help males pursue a vegan lifestyle and to increase the scarce amount of scholarly literature available that directly pertains to Male Vegans. I'm looking for participants who are interested in meeting with me for a 45 minute interview. Interviews will take place at a time and location most convenient for you. Interviews are totally anonymous, and will cover topics such as how you first became vegan, how you maintain a vegan lifestyle, etc etc.

If interested, please shoot me an email at tuscanyfields AT gmail DOT com. Thanks so much, and have a wonderful day!

- Liss

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