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Hello Ladies! Thank you for joining the Let's Be Honest Meetup Group.

Hi, my name is Daniella. I am a best selling author and psychotherapist, turned transformation coach for the
Woman Who Wants More. I am also a busy mom of three who knows all too well what it feels like to be


I established this Let's Be Honest Transformative Group for women of all different background and ages, so women just like YOU, could take the time from your hectic schedules to reinvest and get to know
who you are again.

I want you to know to BLOOM to your FULL POTENTIAL and get RE-INSPIRED and RE_CONNECTED to the dormant or forgotten parts of yourself you may have lost touch with underneath the acquired labels you have earned whether its, wife, mother, professional, etc.

There is nothing like the power of a group dynamic to get you moving in the exact direction you have always wanted to go.

With my professional experience as a therapist the mindset of a goal-oriented coach, and the personal experience of a wife and mother, my LIFE"S WORK has been dedicated to helping women fully express themselves for the empowered, creative, purposeful women we are deep down.

And I want this for YOU, too.

In addition to my personal and professional background, my knack is in seeing you for exactly where you are and help you clear the clutter of distracted thinking standing in your way.

The other Honest reason behind the inspiration for forming these groups was because I was TIRED of viewing the contrived realities of everyone's lives . (umm, Hello Facebook) and I wanted to see women the imperfect part of woman again, because it is through shared honey, humor and insight where there is the most depth, where the magic happens.

I desired a chance for AMBITIOUS women like YOU, to come together in an environment to be REAL and UNCENSORED. Where you are able to EXPLORE the different parts and forgotten parts of yourself as well as pinpoint exactly the true BLOCKS needing to be out of your way.

“The direction given by Danielle specific to the needs of each of us was incredible. With her sense of humor and flexibility, she gently yet firmly challenges us to look at our true barriers and how we can now address them. I am very, very glad I did this group. It helped me see how much I’ve grown and what is possible“
Pat W.

“Danielle did not let me get away with anything. Her direct and honest feedback with no beating around the bush, is what made this group so effective for me. I also loved the camaraderie with the other women. It was really nice to see how much we all have in common despite our different challenges”
Ann Marie L,

“I gained in just a few group sessions, what would take years in therapy to achieve. Who knew growth could be so much fun!” -Linda P- HONEST

Now, these widely successful Let's Be Honest Transformative Group (http://www.letsbehonestwithdanielle.com/groups.html) program is now here in the Los Angeles area.

And YOU are invited!

Does this strike a cord?

What are some of your inner DREAMS and DESIRES that you have been putting on hold?

What is REALLY holding you back from achieving the life you have always envisioned for yourself?

You will get to know yourself again, experience major CLARITY, amplify your GROWTH and have A BALL while doing it!
YOU are invited to JOIN (http://www.letsbehonestwithdanielle.com/register.html) the next

"When we are accountable to ourselves through shared passions, finding the laughter, and being real with the HONESTY, stuck patterns change and HUGE shifts occur!"

If you are reading this and this group speaks to you, GIVE yourself the permission to say "yes" for yourself.

Register NOW for the next one day women's groups retreat on October 7th in Los Angeles

The Forgotten Woman Within:

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CALL ME, I am here for you.

There is nothing in my book that beats the power of direct personal contact when we are needing support with a current question or struggle.

click on this link below to set up a time either on the phone or through Skype.


Love and Light

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