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Dear Chillax Kakis,

This will be a good platform our members to chillax & meet like minded people to hangout with after a day‘s work or unwind in a group on weekends. Our activities can be chillax over dinner/drinks/KTV/Dine under the stars or stroll along the beach after a bowling session or movie, etc.

Places for our chillax session could be any interesting cafes, pubs, bars, restaurant pubs, ktv outlets, etc.

Will be looking for new event hosts to organise activities in this meetup group. Feel free to approach me for any suggestions to new places for hangouts.



Main Organiser

NOTE : Lets Chillax Rules :

Members MUST BE at least minimum 18years old to join this group.

Please understand that I personally do not condone harrassment of ladies by guys or vice versa, use of vulgarities in your conversations in person or chats, perverted behaviours , molesters, hard selling of your products especially mlm products; Nuskin, World Ventures, Amway, etc or Insurance.

No posting of your own events in our meetup page, poaching or invite members using our whatsapp group chat to your meetup events. Do not use meetup message option to private message ladies or guy members randomly without meeting up with them.

The creation of the whatsapp group chat is to facilitate for the meetup events and not to give easy access to contact nos.

I will not hesitate to ban/remove anyone from my events/group should I received complaints from 2 or more different sources.

Please do ask the other party for permission to save the hp no & not just take it for granted because you are in the whatsapp group chat.

This is just a general message and not meant to target anyone in particular. 😎

Thank you for your cooperation!!!

See you guys soon


Main Organiser

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