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Are you looking for a job? Are you looking to hire someone? Do you know someone who’s hiring? Are you currently unemployed? Are you working at a job, but want a new one? Are you looking to network with new people? Great. Join our group to help you advance in your search. We can share our areas of expertise. Let’s put our heads together and come up with resources on how to help each other find (or create) jobs. We are open to sharing advice. We can share our best ways to save time in our pursuit for a job. This will be an opportunity for all of us to work as a group to help each other stay motivated in our respective job hunts. This is a very challenging job market! The point of the Meetup is for people to help each other out so we can (hopefully) all find jobs! Please, no MLM’s! Let’s get started as soon as possible! Sign up today!

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