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If you love playing or just listening to the piano then our group is for you! Whatever your ability, experience or musical style you'll be welcome. The idea is to provide a monthly opportunity to play to a friendly group of like-minded people The events will be informal and relaxed, the aim being to increase performance confidence rather than having your playing judged in any way. You won't need to play something that's performance-ready, just bring what you're currently learning. If you'd like to try a duet, there'll be plenty of accompanists available!

There's also no requirement to perform or even be a pianist, just come and listen if you prefer!

Free refreshments included (tea/coffee/soft drinks/snacks)

There will be a small fee per meeting to cover the venue and organisational costs. Looking forward to meeting you and hopefully hear you play :-)

Here's our venue and piano!


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Let's "Zoom" The Piano! #8 - Norwich & Cambridge - Audience Welcome

All welcome to our 8th online event! We'll again be be trying some live playing in addition to the pre-record option. If you'd like to try a live performance, please contact me directly and we can check your zoom settings and do a sound test. If anyone would like 1-1 guidance on getting access to this session just ping me a message and I'll be happy to help. Here's also a short video introduction: https://youtu.be/4XvxKlwV1IY Audience members/non-players also welcome! There'll be 110mins of programme time to share with a 10min interval. 1. JOINING THE MEETING a. We'll use the popular "Zoom" platform https://zoom.us b. It's FREE, no user registration/sign-up required c. I'll add the Zoom weblink to meeting which you can click on to join the session. d. I'll share a meeting password with those who have RSVP-d in the days before the session e. For MOBILE devices (Phone or Tablet) you'll need to download the free app "Zoom Cloud Meetings" (whether Android or Apple). If you don't download in advance it will prompt you when clicking on the meeting invite. f. If using a DESKTOP/LAPTOP, when you click on the meeting link it will automatically download the browser plugin "Zoom Client for Meetings" You can also download "Zoom Client for Meetings" from the website. https://zoom.us/download g. Whichever device you use there is no need to register with Zoom. You'll just be prompted for a 'Guest Name' and the password when joining the session. h. By default everyone will be muted but you can unmute if you want to talk! Video can be on/off during the session as you prefer. 3. THE MUSIC We'll share a desktop in the session and play videos/audio people have submitted or watch the live performances as needed. People will be able to speak/introduce their pieces on the call as needed or type their comments in the meeting chat window. Due to the anticipated number players, the usual approach applies i.e. ideally a single piece not more that 6-7 mins in total. With online events, the preference is for shorter pieces on average For performers there are three ways to get on the programme. a. Playing live - Just get in touch with me directly and we can test the Zoom set up for you b. Send me a YouTube Link of your video c. Make a film/recording on your phone/tablet and use WeTransfer to send it to me via [masked] https://wetransfer.com ***WeTransfer is SUPER easy - Again no registration/login. It'll send me a link to download your video. Standard limit is 2GB which way more that need for a 5-7min video. All videos are removed from WeTransfer storage after 7 days***

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