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This group is for guys and gals (there is almost always one female playing) who are either new in town or just want to meet some cool people. We are generally a very laid-back low stakes group. Most of us are reasonably experienced but that doesn't stop us from being helpful to folks just getting started.

The dominant game of choice is tournament style Texas hold 'em. The primary venue has ample parking and bringing your own snacks/drinks to share is encouraged. If you'd like to bring your pet with you at the primary Potrero Hill venue, feel free.

We encourage members to volunteer their home as an additional meetup location as there is a huge poker community in the bay area that enjoys playing and would always appreciate another evening in the calendar. There is no charge for attending or joining the meetup, nor is there any concept of a house rake or house donation for hosting. To be courteous please change your RSVP to no even if you can't make it last minute so we can anticipate the total number of people accurately (this helps decide the table splits, etc.).

Chips are given in the following denominations: (yes we like to keep you on your toes with the greens)

10 Whites (10 each) = 100
10 Reds (20 each) = 200
8 Greens (25 each) = 200
5 Blues/Blacks (100 each) = 500

Total = 1000

Rebuys are allowed and encouraged and typically end 2-2.5 hours past the start of gameplay. You must be down to approximately 15% of the starting 1000 chip count to rebuy. You cannot rebuy for higher than 1000, though many people have come back as the short stack to win this game. Blinds start at 10/20 and go up every 20 min or so by consensus. (one progression could be 10/20, 20/40, 30/60, 40/80, 60/120, 80/160, 100/200, 150/300, etc.)

If there are 10 or less people we can play at one table. If there is more we split tables (example 7 on one, 6 on another, we then periodically rebalance the tables and merge tables if 10 or fewer are left) . Payout if 7 or more people show up (the vast majority of the time) is 70% 1st place, 20% 2nd place, 10% 3rd place. Payout for 6 people or less is 70% 1st place, 30% 2nd place.

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