Platformization Meetup at LinkedIn


Join us for an evening of talks, discussion, and networking on topics related to platformization. Learn how engineers at leading tech companies approach building software systems and processes to support scale and growth. Food and drink will be provided at our LinkedIn NYC office at the Empire State Building.


1. "Navigating The Challenges of Building a Platform Strategy"

Building a decentralized platform with a large number of distributed microservices brings a number of communication, alignment and orchestration challenges. In this talk I will describe the unique people, process and technological solutions that the Tempus platform has solved for. The lessons we have learned should help you with designing a platform strategy for your company.

Speaker Bio: Chris Tava is an Engineering Leader at Tempus Labs NYC. He has 20+ years of experience building services/applications for B2C and B2B businesses.

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2. "Growing a Platform Team"

Abstract: There isn’t a single right way to establish and grow a platform across different organizations but there are certain general patterns that can be applied to avoid some major pitfalls.

Speaker Bio: Stacy Gorelik is a Senior Director of Engineering at Flatiron Health, where she leads the Structured Data Platform effort that is responsible for extracting, processing and supplying regulatory quality structured data to the product teams. Stacy has worked for a mix of financial institutions, technology/consulting firms, and ed tech.

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3. "Building and Using The AI Platforms"

Abstract: In recent years, we've seen a large number of AI platforms enabling non engineers to use AI, and AI platform as a service providers enabling engineers to use AI at scale. More recently, there has been a wave of startups enabled by AI without exposing AI to the end user. This new wave of AI enabled businesses has new questions to answer. I don't have all the answers, but in this talk I will share what I've learned so far.

Speaker Bio: Benjamin Berry is the Head of Product and Engineering at Urbint, providing AI-powered solutions to utilities and infrastructure operators. Benjamin joined Urbint in 2018 after delivering multiple patented products on the road to IPOing Yext, one of the largest NYC based technology firms. As an engineering leader, he’s built products at multiple venture backed companies. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Carnegie Mellon.

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4. "Designing DevOps for LinkedIn"

Abstract: In this talk I will share the story of how LinkedIn designed our system, Multiproduct, and what we’ve learned from implementing, operating and evolving over the last nine years. I will share examples of design and implementation decisions we’ve made and how those decisions impacted our ability to develop and deploy software. I will describe tools and automation we’ve built and the organizational structures that have emerged to support our software development system. The lessons we learned will help you with your decisions when designing a DevOps strategy for your company.

Speaker Bio: Nikolai Avteniev is a Senior Staff Software Engineer at LinkedIn NYC. After earning a graduate degree in Computer Science from NYU, Nikolai leveraged the Agile software engineering values and practices to build a successful software product that helped hedge funds manage multi‐billion‐dollar portfolios in near real‐time at Real Time Risk Systems. From there, Nikolai joined New York City AdTech start‐up Intent Media, were he experienced Agile software development applied in a larger organization with multiple teams coordinating to deliver new product features at a furious pace.

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