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Meet other local fans of jazz, blues, and world music while enjoying live performances by top-notch musicians.

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to an amazing live music scene, with an assortment of venues that provide an intimate and affordable way to experience music as it's meant to be: spontaneous, inventive, and alive.

There's so much music happening in the Bay Area, there is something available every weekend for every taste and budget.

So join us, and use this Meetup group to connect with other music fans. We're mainly about listening to live jazz, but we also post blues shows, as well as tango, flamenco, world music, and cross-genre. In addition, we occasionally post theater events and films that have a music-related plotline or other "hook."

If you know about a show you'd like to see listed, feel free to suggest the event to Meetup organizers for hosting, or you can post the show on the "Discussions" page and invite your fellow Meetup members to attend with you.

Hope to see you at an upcoming show!

Paula M. - Lead Organizer, Live Jazz (& Blues) Meetup Group

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George Kahn Quartet: Piano-Driven Jazz (Sold Out as of July 26)

This is a rare chance to hear Los Angeles-based pianist George Kahn here in the Bay Area. I'm listening to his music as I write this, and really enjoying it. If you've been craving some straight-ahead West Coast sounds, this could be the show for you!

EVENT COST: $1.00 donation to the Meetup organizer (that's me!), plus the cost of the show ticket (about $17 in advance online with the venue's service fee)

TICKET INFO: Buy your own tickets. NOTE: I predict this show will sell out in advance!

***UPDATE: This event has sold out, as of July 26. See more information on that in the Meetup Event Page Comment Section, below.***

SEATING: General admission, mainly on couches.

OPTIONAL PRE-SHOW DINNER: If there's any interest, we can eat at Tender Greens up the street before the show. (Meeting time for that: 5:15 p.m.) Good food, reasonable prices, patio seating with heat lamps.


WHEN/WHERE TO MEET: Meet out front of the Back Room by 6:30 p.m., or just inside the doors next to the check-in area, so we can get seats together. (The show starts at 7:00 p.m.)

>>PLEASE NOTE the new, later time shown for this event as of May 23.<<

HOW TO FIND ME: I'm WF, 5 feet tall, Boomer generation, with short salt-and-pepper hair. (See my photo with my Meetup profile.) I'll send my cellphone number and more info to RSVPers prior to the event. I'll have my phone on until the show starts.



PHOTOS of the Back Room and more details about the space:


PARKING/TRANSIT: http://backroommusic.com/transportation-parking/

LOCATION: The Back Room is located just off University, about a block from MLK (and Trader Joe's), near AC Transit bus lines and less than a half-mile from the downtown Berkeley BART station.

Jazz at Bird & Beckett -->> Ben Esposito Trio with Guest Howard Wiley

Bird & Beckett Books & Records

Bird & Beckett bookstore, long a favorite Meetup haunt for fantastic live shows, announced June 18 that they're resuming in-person shows (after confining themselves to livestreams during the pandemic lockdowns). I know we're all excited to see this happen!

For this event, the musicians are Ben Esposito on drums, Javier Santiago on piano, Giulio Xavier Cetto on bass, and guest Howard Wiley on saxophone. I've seen most of these musicians numerous times over the years and can predict a solid performance. (For this show, I'm going by the information on the bookstore's calendar listing, rather than the splashier announcements that get posted on their main web page the week of a show, so it's possible some details may change. Stay tuned just in case!)

COST: $1.00 event fee to pay to the Meetup organizer (yours truly), plus $20 cover charge (no advance ticket sales) to pay at the bookstore counter upon entry. CASH only.

SEATING is general-admission, on folding chairs, most with cushions.

WHEN/WHERE TO MEET: Unless you're joining me for the optional pre-show dinner, let's meet at the bookstore NO LATER THAN 7:00 p.m. so we can get seats. (The show starts at 7:30 p.m. and is expected to last until 9 p.m.)

***ADDED NOTES: I am limiting attendance for this event to six people max (no guests), due to it being such a tiny space (30 seats total) and there being a lot of pent-up demand from Bird & Beckett fans for in-person shows.***

HOW TO FIND ME: See my photo with my Meetup profile. (I'm WF, 5 feet tall, Boomer generation, with short salt & pepper hair.) I'll send my cellphone number to RSVPers before the show.

TRANSIT/PARKING: The bookstore is located less than 3 blocks from the Glen Park BART station and Muni bus lines. Parking is on the street. Note that BART is still on an early schedule (until August 30), with the last trains leaving Glen Park between 9:30 and 9:48 p.m. (depending on direction of the train). If you're dependent on BART, it's a good idea to check the schedule for your transit route when you RSVP for this event.

OPTIONAL PRE-SHOW DINNER: When you RSVP, indicate if you're interested in an optional pre-show dinner at 5:30 p.m. at a nearby Thai restaurant. I can accommodate up to six people for that.

Javier Santiago Quartet

The Sound Room

Award-winning pianist and composer Javier Santiago will head up a quartet for this performance, which I expect will focus mainly on jazz, but may also draw from his experience with the blues, classical, hip-hop, and world music. (I'll add information about the rest of the band when those details become available.)

WHERE: Sound Room, in uptown Oakland (on Broadway, now at a NEW location, between 30th and 31st Streets)

EVENT COST: $1.00 event fee (payable in cash or via PayPal at or prior to the event) to the Meetup organizer (that's me!), plus about $28 for the Early Seat tickets when bought online. BUY YOUR OWN TICKETS.

***IMPORTANT: *** I will move people up from my Meetup Wait List to my Meetup RSVP list ONLY after they send me (via Meetup message or email) enough information from their ticket confirmation to show that they have bought an Early Seat ticket. <<< ...The Early Seat tickets will help our Meetup contingent to get decent seats together. Later seating is catch-as-catch-can.

NOTE: I PREDICT THIS SHOW WILL SELL OUT IN ADVANCE, due partly to the Sound Room currently limiting seating. I am capping this event at eight people.


SEATING: Seating is at small tables that comfortably seat 4 people each (or more in a pinch). However, there are 2 pricing levels, one of which allows earlier entry.

WHEN/WHERE TO MEET: Meet inside the Sound Room's performance area by 7:15 p.m. Note that there are 2 ticket prices for this show. The higher-priced Early Seat tickets allow entry starting at 7:00 p.m.; the lower-priced tickets allow entry starting at 7:30 p.m. (The show starts at 8:00 p.m.)

HOW TO FIND ME: I'll email my cellphone number and final info to RSVPers beforehand. Also, you can see my photo with my Meetup profile. (I'm WF, 5 feet tall, in my 60s, now with short, salt-&-pepper hair.)

LOCATION/TRANSIT: The Sound Room has MOVED up the street, to 3022 Broadway (directly across from Sprouts), about 10 blocks away from the 19th Street BART station. If you don't want to walk from BART, you can take one of at least two AC Transit bus lines from the BART station. (BART is supposed to revive its later-night schedule as of Aug. 2nd.)

FOOD OPTION: The Sound Room has a limited but good menu of small plates (entrees and desserts) and drinks that you can enjoy before or during the show. (There is no drink/food minimum requirement, but purchases help cover this nonprofit's operating costs.)

See Javier performing in a July 12, 2021 concert at an SF venue:

November 2020 performance by Javier's trio, appearing at the Sound Room:


Satchmo's Ghost – Live! at Riggers Loft

Riggers Loft Wine Company-R&B Cellars

Riggers Loft is our monthly hangout for lively jazz and blues. It is a wine company with an outdoor patio and bay views. If you don't care for wine or dancing this meetup is not for you. This month, a swing and blues band that'll have us dancing the afternoon away. We group dance most of the time.

Press release: Satchmo’s Ghost was started in 2016, inspired by the “ghost” of Louis Armstrong and his passion for swing music and the blues. The 6-piece band loves music that swings and their sound is often reminiscent of the “big bands” that made swing so popular. The band’s set list includes songs that have a punch to them and are highly danceable, as well as some tasty, soulful blues tunes.

(https://www.riggersloftwine.com/) I have a reservation for 8. If we get up to 16 on the rsvp I'll get another table if available. There is a $5 cover charge, but for a large group it has to be pre-paid; when you get on the rsvp list I'll send you my PayPal email to send the $5. Please have your meetup email notification turned-on for private messages. In general, our members are avid jazz fans, middle-age and up, enjoy socializing with food and drink, and we show-up on time. You're required to have an actual profile photo when you rsvp and update your status if it changes. 'No-Shows' are no good.

Rsvp first to get on the Wait List, from there the selection is mainly veterans in good-standing and a few newbies to round-out the group. If there is a second table it'll be open to all. Our meetup groups are typically small in size for relaxed socializing. With a large Wait List there'll be some not selected but don't fret, there'll be other meetups.

Riggers Loft, a wine company, has a fine wine selection and limited menu. It has a strict virus protocol, so make sure you're in good health, had your shots and wearing a mask. It is an outdoor venue with sun and wind a factor. If it rains/wind the venue will move in-doors. Please bring cash to tip the musicians.

While you're on PayPal you can make a donation to Paula to fund the meetup yearly subscription fee. Anything from $3-5 will be much appreciated.

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Juke Joint – Live! at Riggers Loft

Riggers Loft Wine Company-R&B Cellars

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