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Pythonistas around Ljubljana city and beyond. #ljpy on socials. Additional info on https://github.com/ljpy/meetups.

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LjPyMeetup May 2019

Poligon kreativni center / creative centre

from pytonistas import ears The next Python Meetup will take place on Wednesday 22nd of May at 18:00 in Poligon (Tobačna). We are looking for speaker(s). Post a comment to https://github.com/ljpy/meetups/issues/26 or send an email to [masked] to volunteer a 20 minute talk. One slot is already taken up by Nejc, but one is still vacant. Get it while it's hot. Your contribution doesn't have to be a full blown talk. Share your ideas and tools at a 5 minute lightning talk. If you don't know what to present, we have a wish list of topics your fellow programmers would love to hear. See this GitHub issue for ideas: https://github.com/ljpy/meetups/issues/24 If neither of these options don't work for you, we would appreciate it if you brought a friend to the event. This person doesn't even have to be a programmer, only of open mind and interest in meeting new (interesting) people. If you would like to sponsor this or future events, please post a comment to https://github.com/ljpy/meetups/issues/26, https://github.com/ljpy/meetups/issues/2 or send an email to [masked]. See you soon! Roman and other co-conspirators

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LjPyMeetup April 2019

Poligon kreativni center / creative centre

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