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A safe and friendly community of paddlers committed to representing paddling in a safe and fun loving way. We paddle Lakes, Rivers, Bays. We have meetups every week. We also enjoy doing weekend road trips and over night camping out of our kayaks.

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Wednesday Social Paddle

Lodi Lake

Due to Covid 19, this event is ONLY for those with their own gear! You will be responsible for handling your own gear. We will launch from the BOAT ramp on the backside of the Lodi Lake.

Welcome to our Wednesday Social Paddle. Plan on being on the water by 5:30 please.

As always, Lodi Paddle Club events require wearing a PFD. PFD’s are required to be zipped at all times when on the water.

See you on the water!

Moke Hatchery to Stillman River Clean-up 2021

Stillman Magee Park

Let's clean up the river again. There are abandoned inflatables along the shore and in the snags that need to be removed and there is a lot of regular trash along the shore and in the strainers, too.
We will meet at the Stillman Magee Parking lot to establish shuttle(s) and load boats to go to the Van Assen launch area at the fish hatchery. Parking at Stillman Magee is $6.00 on weekends, $5.00 weekdays. Parking at Van Assen launch (hatchery) is still free.
Flows are sustaining minimal levels which will make for some areas of shallow water and strong currents in the curves. Flow rates will be checked and posted prior to launch. Be prepared for downed trees and brush in the waterway. Large objects in the river may pose some challenges for navigation. Inflatable boats not advised. Boats over 14' also not advised unless you have good navigation skills. PFD's MUST BE WORN at all times on the water. Personal rescue items are recommended (throw ropes, paddle floats, inflatable hull and cockpit bags) but not required. Mesh bags and reach extenders are recommended to collect debris. Will have a few spares on hand if you need them. Bring gloves, hats, sunscreen, water bottles and snacks if you want them. Remember to bring tie off lines and clips or carabiners to keep your gear with you and in your boat.
At the Van Assen launch area there is a good current practice area where everyone will demonstrate their skills and boat control. Important to practice there and establish some comfort in moving water. Everyone will demonstrate their ability to move about in this environment before we get into the main river. We will not ask for any demonstration of rolling expertise on this event.
There will be lots of stops and starts along the way, some of them in current and next to trees and rocks as we pick up trash and debris.
Safety is paramount and if you don't have the skills to safely stop and control your boat in the current, don't attempt it. Just call out to one of experienced paddlers and let them get the object(s) out of the water. Watch and learn. We will explain everything we do and why.
Landing at Stillman Magee is a long walk uphill to the parking lot. Wheels are advised if you have them.
Waivers must be filled out and collected before launching for this event.
Lunch and drinks after the run. Possibly Clements Ridge farm shop or Coyotes Mexican restaurant on Hwy 12.

Lower American River 8/7 Sat

Sailor Bar Park Boat Ramp

We will meet at Sailor Bar at 9:15ish, drop gear, and then leave around 9:30 to take as many cars as possible to Gristmill and return to Sailor Bar for approx. 10:30 launch.

Practice/Audition for future river trips: I will host trips to the Trinity Class I-II, Eel class I-II, Smith and Chetco class I-II, and So. Fk. American class II and others over the coming year. The Lower American is an excellent place to practice/prepare for those trips and to assess your appropriateness for those more distant and/or difficult rivers. If you are new to rivers, those trips sound good to you, and I don't know you yet, I recommend you do this trip and/or others like it now.

Experience: You need no river experience for this day, but you do need an appropriate kayak, Canoe, IK, or SUP*. Flotation bags and/or bulkhead front and rear for kayaks/canoes. Stable kayaks under 15' are advised. Drop-skegs are great, rudders and fins will get in the way. Sprayskirts are recommended but not required. Helmets are not required. If you have no river experience, EXPECT TO GET WET. Make sure to answer the RSVP question about your experience and gear. I WILL contact you if I am not familiar with you and/or your gear. Mix of experience and inexperienced paddlers matters. I may temporarily or permanently close RSVP's early if deemed neccessary.

*I know little about SUP's. If you have SUP'd easy rivers before, I will not exclude you. I know fins will get in the way in numerous places on this trip. There are also flats requiring real paddling to keep up with kayaks.

Locations/Cost: We will launch from the boat ramp at Sailor Bar County Park and take-out at Gristmill Rec. Area County Park. Best to have a county pass or pay at Sailor Bar where cards are ok for the machine. I think $8 for parking and boat. Takeout location: https://goo.gl/maps/EHewVUpTMdQKr5dm7

Excessive flows will cancel (unlikely). We will do this trip down to 500 cfs. Currently 1000 cfs.

This event will be cross-posted with SKEG.

PFD’s are required at all times while on the water, including SUP's. If you do not have a signed waiver form on file with SKEG, you will need to read, fill out and sign one before the paddle. Please wear appropriate clothing, no cotton as it holds water. Extra clothes in a dry bag are never a bad idea.

This Meet-Up Group and its organizers do not, in any way, claim to be professionals or otherwise licensed or certified to provide any services. Kayaking can be physically demanding and involve hazards that come with water sports. By participating in any posted event, you are taking responsibility for your own safety and well-being. Your personal safety depends on your own judgement and experience

Ladies Paddle!

New Hope Landing RV Park & Marina

This month we are going to paddle Snodgrass Slough! We will be exploring the Delta Meadows area behind Walnut Grove and Locke. This will be a 6 to 7 mile paddle. Let's be ON THE WATER by 9am please.

We will be launching at New Hope Landing. There is a $10 parking fee (but no pigs!) to launch at the boat ramp (just past Wimpy's).

Please remember PFD’s are required to be worn and zipped on all Lodi Paddle Club events.

See you soon!

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