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ClojureCircle meetup @ Funding Circle
We are hosting our ClojureCircle meetup, featuring two internal speakers and an external guest speaker. Beer/soft drinks + pizza provided. Doors open at 6:30PM and talks will begin at 7PM. Talks at the event will last around 20 minutes each: * Andy Chambers (Funding Circle, Senior Software Engineer) - The Test Machine - Patterns for testing asynchronous systems. This talk introduces the "Test Machine" which is a library we have created to make it easier to write quick, deterministic e2e tests against event based systems backed by kafka. We'll describe the high-level architecture here at Funding Circle and a few of the problems we've encountered ourselves that the library aims to address before introducing the test-machine, explaining how it works and showing what you can do with it. * Andrea Crotti (Funding Circle, Senior Software Engineer) - Building an ELO platform with Clojure and Re-Frame A journey across the beautiful land of Clojurescript/re-frame, and how we can build a platform for internal leagues using them. * Renzo Borgatti (External guest speaker, Senior Software Engineer, Droit ) - A tale of Lisp - We all know that Clojure is "a Lisp". Today we use Clojure as a general purpose programming language, but Lisp was designed to address the very practical task of teaching computers how to learn. Mathematical purity wasn't an initial goal. Neither was REPL-like interpretation or macros. Just a couple of years later, McCarthy and his team found a way to deliver a practical programming language implementing so many powerful ideas. This talk looks at those early days in search for the reason of that success, possibly the "essence" of Clojure and what lesson we can learn to improve the way we do programming today. After the talks are finished, there will be time for socialising.

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Clojure is a great way to learn functional programming thanks to a small and well crafted syntax and focus on simplicity. Clojure is a powerful, productive and fun language, based on LISP and hosted on Java, JavaScript, Microsoft CLR, GraalVM, and Golang.

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