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Clojure Programming Workshops ClojureBridge is a free workshop teaching the Clojure programming language, for those who identify as women, transgender women & non-binary. ClojureBridge is emphatically queer and trans* friendly. We support people who are completely new to programming, through to existing developers new to Clojure. Why learn Clojure? Clojure is a modern, general purpose programming language that can be use to build apps for the web, mobile devices and desktop. The simple syntax of the Clojure language makes it a great choice for those new to programming, or existing developers who want to learn about functional programming. Clojure has a huge amount of libraries available to help you build a wide range of apps really quickly. You can use all the libraries from its host platforms, JavaScript/Node.js, Java or Microsoft .Net, too.The ClojureBridge workshop introduces you to fundamental programming concepts in Clojure through many practical examples and exercises. Coaches and assistants are there to guide you and help you build your first apps in Clojure. Please register for the workshop via the following form: For more information - The ClojureBridge London website: Requirements: Each participant requires their own laptop with either MacOSX, Linux or Windows operating system. We help you set up your laptop for Clojure during the install party. Typical workshop schedule Actual workshop times may vary slightly Friday evening - Intro & Install 18.30 - Doors open & social 19.00 - Introductions & demo 19.45 - Setup & Test your laptops 20.30 - Finish Once we verify you have a working Clojure setup you may leave, or you can stay and ask questions, try some Clojure or simply get to know the Clojure community better. Saturday - Workshop 10.00 - Doors open, breakfast 11.00 - Workshop starts 13.15 - Group show & tell 13.30 - Lunch 14.30 - Continue workshop 17.00 - Retrospective - your feedback We will encourage you to have regular breaks during the workshop, to give your brain a chance to absorb all this new information. The event is free of charge and run by unpaid volunteers from the Clojure community. While the workshop is primarily for women, transgender & non-binary attendees, our coaches and organizers are members of the local Clojure community of various genders. Everyone agrees to abide within the ClojureBridge Code of Conduct. If anyone is interested in volunteering as a coach, please complete the following form - or email [masked].

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An open and friendly community that supports the adoption and practice of Clojure in any of its forms. Clojure is a powerful, productive and fun language, based on LISP and hosted on Java, JavaScript and Microsoft CLR. Due to its simple syntax, Clojure is a great way to learn functional programming. London Clojurians is a very active community with several events per month, including technical talks, coding dojo's, hackdays and a yearly conference. We hope you will join us and increase your knowledge and appreciation of Clojure and add your own experiences to our community.

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