London CoHack Launch with Joshua Fields - Matching Wisdom with Technology

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Hey London Consciousness Hackers,

We’re thrilled to launch the London Cohack chapter on October 2nd with a visit from non-other than Joshua Fields. Joshua is the executive director flying the Consciousness Hacking global mothership.

We can’t think of a better person to open up the conversation on the intersection of consciousness and wisdom and show where we’re headed in the wacky emergent space of transformative technology.

Joshua will be speaking for about 30 minutes on the latest innovations in the space, the paradigm and ways of thinking that we’re building our tools from. And what kind of tools are already being built.

And we’ll be taking a deeper look into the Consciousness Hacking mission - why is this movement especially important in these times? (Spoiler: Joshua is not your average Silicon Valley techno-optimist, but a deep thinker on how to steward humanity towards greater flourishing, away from the trouble our earlier inventions have gotten us into.)

His driving inquiry is how can we match the exponential power our technology has with higher levels of human wisdom? If we don’t then…well...

Come think for yourself on what an answer might look like. We’ll be engaging in some collective sensemaking with your fellow CoHackers around some of the pressing issues technology and Joshua confronts us with.

Next to Joshua's talk, the CoHack London team will introduce themselves and share their vision for the London Consciousness Hacking community as well as listen to what you want to see happen in this space.

A longer talk of Joshua can be found here -

Thanks to the Experimental Thought Co. and Truman Brewery for hosting our first gathering. You'll find us at 93 Feet East on Brick Lane.