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Whovians are people too, right? Our meetup is open to all Doctor Who fans.. casual, new, old, hard core, mildly curious, cosplayers, video makers, role players, party goers, convention goers, talkers, wheelers & dealers of sonic devices, stolen Moments & vortex manipulators..

A Jedi shouldn't crave for adventures. But us Whovians are all for it.. The Doctor wouldn't sit in one room month after month and talk ...s/he will be having adventures out there.. so why shouldn't we?!

So in 2018, we're trying out new things.. like an adventurous trip /visit (special DW screening like `Day of the Doctor' at BFi, visit to National Gallery looking for the undergallery (and finding the under-cafe and under-toilet), an afternoon at Science museum, planned trips to High Gate Cemetery, Royal Maritime museum & Greenwich park/ date line (it's all about time, space and monsters!)..and another picnic with Victorian Dinosaurs at Crystal Palace park.. and so on.

We have two-ish main hang-out venues for our general socials -

1) the Pret A manger in Earl's Court, with a TARDIS (full size ) parked right outside it.

2) The riverside cafe & blue bar areas of `Royal Festival Hall' in South Bank (close to Waterloo/ Embankment)..where we find cosy sections with sofas and stuff (all free...).

At these socials, we gather and chat / bond/ meet n greet / hug etc :-) Some members bring their Whovian quizzes; Others bring their props, scarves, costumes.. Most people turn up in comfortable cloths...some wear Whovian items.. It's all good.

There is also a Fan series in production (`Doctor Who London (https://www.youtube.com/c/DoctorWhoLondonUKFanFilms)' ) . It has its own facebook page and youtube channel. we've started on our fan series#2 . You can join in with that.. if you are into acting, prop making, writing scripts, directing, sfx, editing, producing etc.

So here are some of our activities ..

• Cosplay (that's Costume-Play)..

• Watching DrWho DVD's at homes

• Day / weekend trips out of London -

• London Whovian tours - location aficionados will like this.

• Photoshoots

• Our Fan video series

• Costumes & props & Set-building

• Anything else you can think of that is weird to others ..but not to us Whovians..

So ...with Time Vortex the limit, come meet us.. soon :-)

-Mani Navasothy

edited: March 2018

Here's a link to List of Conventions in 2017 (http://www.comicconventions.co.uk/uk-comic-conventions-expos-and-popular-culture-shows-in-2017/) .It has links to individual conventions

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Day of the Moon : London Whovians Lunar landing celebration (2019 - tbc)

The first (human) Lunar landing took place on 21st July 1969. That makes 2019 the 50th anniversary of this great event in modern human history. But of course secret history of Whoniverse tells us..others have been to the Moon way before that ;-) Last week when we were at the Science Museum trip with fellow Whovians, looking at the mock up of the Apollo 11 module, we cooked up a plan to do a special viewing event in 2019.. probably watch some of the Doctor Who stories with moon landings.. (2nd Doctor / Cyberman is probably the earliest). yes it's a year and a bit away.. but we are putting the date in the diary. -Mani http://news.bbc.co.uk/onthisday/hi/dates/stories/july/21/newsid_2635000/2635845.stm

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