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Hi there Whovians- welcome to `Doctor Who London meetup group'.
Dare we boast- we are the *only* dedicated DrWho meetup in London (to our knowledge. Yes we checked with `Rusty' at the centre of the Universe !). We've gone through many changes since we started this in Autumn 2014. (well, Who doesn't change?!)

Our meetup is open to all fans of `Doctor Who' - it's a BBC TV show that's been going nearly 60 years now!! Celebrates 60 years on 23-11-2023!! ( Let's just clarify that again - we are NOT a group for Medical Doctors network).

Since starting up socials after end of Lockdown (1 year now), we have been very regular and had 16 real face-to-face socials ( 1 or 2 per month) between Nov 2012 to Nov 2022.

And in 2023, we hope to keep up this efforts, and start adding more variety / activities too - not just pub socials, but coffee shop socials, visits to Comic con, more fan series filming/ productions, picnics, museum / gallery visits.. and other interesting activities. (give us your suggestions.. we will aim to make it happen!)

At these socials, we gather and chat, bond, meet n greet, hug etc :-) Some members bring their Whovian quizzes; Others bring their props, scarves, costumes.. Most people turn up in comfortable cloths...some wear Whovian items.. It's all good.

Fan series in production (`Doctor Who London' ) . It has its own facebook page and youtube channel. we've started on our fan series#2 . You can join in with that.. if you are into acting, prop making, writing scripts, directing, sfx, editing, producing etc.

come meet us.. soon :-)
-Mani Navasothy

Here's some stats (cos `Stats are cool' ?)

  • As a bunch of friends, we did a photoshoot around London on Xmas eve 2013 (24th Dec'2013).
  • We started filming a FAN SERIES - in early 2014.
  • We started this MEETUP on 13th August 2014.
  • Our fan series #1 was filmed in and around London in summer of 2014. And 1st weekend shoot in Glastonbury was on 13th/14th Sept'2014.
  • Our 1st regular official SOCIAL in Earl's Court was on 28th Sept'2014.
  • We've been holding monthly socials ever since then, and at a coffee shop (Pret) in Earl's Court (where the only POLICE BOX in London exists), at Riverside cafe in Royal Festival Hall, South Bank, and in 2022, in Prince of Tech pub in Earl's Court.
  • We've been doing other activities - going to Who shop, going to museums, art gallery, picnics, and of course various London Comic Cons together too (on and off but more regularly in 2022).
  • LOCKDOWN - we were out of action for 2 whole years, sadly. Our last social before Lockdown was on 9th Nov'19, (9-11-19) and we started up socials on 12th Nov'21 (12-11-21) - WEIRD symmetry of numbers there, won't you agree?)
  • Since starting up socials after end of Lockdown (1 year now), we have been very regular and had 16 real face-to-face socials ( 1 or 2 per month) between Nov 2012 to Nov 2022.

This update : 1st December 2022.

Upcoming events (4+)

Doctor Who London - The Great Xmas Wander (Christmas social)

Piccadilly Circus

Last Christmas, we were stuck with a zoom.. well, not this time..!
This time, for our Xmas social, let's wander the streets of London - purposefully like Autons looking for a Kebab-takeaway , or Cyber-folks looking for Herbal Tea!

No? Well, while we are still humans, let's get out, enjoy the angelic lights and delights of the Xmas vibe in the City of London... stop off for some drinks, and snacks.. and hang out.. or end up in a pub or coffee shop..

I really don't know what we'll be doing in December, as I write this at the end of August.. but once we feel the chill in the air, and the bells of murderous Xmas Santas on street corners with their charity runs .. we will know what to do.. right? :-)

It'll be fun.. trust me! I'm The Mani.

WHO'S at the PLAYHOUSE (Epsom) - 13th Feb 2023 - all day event

Epsom Playhouse

## Who's At The Playhouse 2023

In 2023, Doctor Who celebrates 60 years of shows. And here is a full day event happening in Epsom, Surrey. Some of us are going. So ..come along and celebrate. (you must get your own tickets. link at the end). -Mani
-------- info taken from the Playhouse website---- (link at the bottom)--

Sunday 12th February[masked]am
£49.00 Child £24.00 (8-16yrs) Under 8yrs Free

COLIN BAKER and SYLVESTER McCOY, the Sixth and Seventh Doctors, lead our line-up of DOCTOR WHO stars appearing on stage, in a day-long diary of exclusive on stage interviews, celebrity autograph panels, photograph sessions, quizzes, cosplay competitions, merchandise and much more – plus will your Letter to the Doctor be read on stage by Doctor Who himself?

Also appearing are a wealth of guests celebrating the programme’s sixtieth anniversary, including PETER PURVES, who played the First Doctor’s companion Steven Taylor, NICOLA BRYANT, who travelled with the Fifth and Sixth Doctors, and JOHN LEESON, the voice of the Doctor’s robot companion K9!

Joining them will be actors COLIN SPAULL (‘Revelation Of The Daleks’, ‘Rise Of The Cybermen’), PAUL LAVERS (‘The Androids Of Tara’), and monster actor extraordinaire JON DAVEY, with many more star names to be added to the guest list soon!

Tickets include the chance to take part in our exclusive Letters to the Doctor show.

What does Doctor Who mean to you? What would you say to the stars of the series, a favourite character, or the programme itself - a personal memory of when you first watched? A love letter to the show? Or something else?

Please email your Letters to the Doctor (in no more than 300 words) to [masked] and our actors will read out their favourites. Plus print out your letter and get it signed afterwards!

Plus our stars will be sharing their Doctor Who anecdotes in our Would I Lie To Who? quiz… but are they all true? Can they be believed?
Find out whose stories are fact or fake and discover the biggest fibber in the Whoniverse!

* Entry to WHO’S AT THE PLAYHOUSE including Letters To The Doctor & Would I Lie To Who? – celebrity interviews, Q&As and shows. Doors open 10.00am to 6pm
* Access to the Celebrity Autograph Panel, where you can meet the stars of DOCTOR WHO!
# Once purchased, tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded
Link for indo & tickets

Visit: L.C.C Spring 2023 (London Comics Con - Olympia)

Olympia London

This will be our group's visit to L.C.C - London Comics Con- Spring 2023. being held at Olympia, London over 2 days (4th & 5th March 2023).

We'll be making plans to go as group or meet you there.. as some some us have been doing for other comic cons in 2022.


Watch this space for more details/ plans near the time.


May 2023: Visit to MCM London Comic Con

ExCeL London

We are planning our group visit to MCM Comic at Excel London for May 2023.

We'll be sharing all our plans here and get coordinated near the time.
Rsvp here and stay updated.,

Main thing is for YOU to get your ticket asap...

here's the ticket link for May 2023


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