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For anyone who wants to connect more deeply to self and nature. Through a variety of offerings- Forest Bathing sessions, mediations in nature and workshops around the seasons- we'll engage with nature for relaxation, growth and healing.

This is an invitation to give yourself a mini-retreat in nature, to quieten your mind, awaken your senses and nourish your soul- all without leaving the city!

A chance to come together with like-minded and like-hearted people and enjoy the healing and wisdom nature has to share with us.

Forest Bathing– Relax your Mind. Awaken your Senses. Nourish your Soul.
Modelled on the Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku, these relaxing and restorative two-hour sessions combine mindful awareness, meditation and nature-therapy. (more at https://www.natureasnurture.com/forest-bathing )

Meditations in Nature – Pause and find peace in nature
Taking place in parks and community gardens across the city, these one-hour sessions invite a deeper connection to self and nature through gentle meditation practices. (more at https://www.natureasnurture.com/meditation-in-nature )

Seasonal Self – Thrive year-round by aligning with the seasons
Through meditation, ritual and conversations we explore how we are at this point in the year and what we need in order to thrive this season. (more at https://www.natureasnurture.com/seasonal-self-1 )

About – Nature as Nurture founder, Claire de Boursac, is passionate about using the city’s green spaces to support the wellbeing of her fellow Londoners. An experienced psychotherapist, she regularly witnesses the stresses and strains of modern life among her clients and as a highly sensitive person, knows herself how overwhelming the pace and stimulation of the city can be. (read more at https://www.natureasnurture.com/trainers )

Recent testimonials:
'A beautifully connecting experience, in so many ways'

'I felt really nourished…I could physically feel the tension soften from my face by the end of the session'
My body felt amazing as if it was radiating with a calm energy. The next day I was full of inspiration and I felt like an internal blocking disappeared

'I so enjoyed walking through such wild and enchanting woods in the middle of London... Everything slowed down and I reconnected with parts of myself that everyday stresses had pushed away for far too long. A massage for the senses, a massage for the soul...'

'I left feeling grounded, centred and connected to myself. Taking time to be with others in the woods was so refreshing. Having spent so much time in the concrete city with all its demands you have guided us into a nurturing and enriching space in nature'

Past events (69)

Forest Bathing ~ Queen's Wood (Highgate)

Queen's Woods

Forest Bathing ~ Queen's Wood (Highgate)

Queen's Woods

The Seasonal Self: Winter session (online)

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Forest Bathing ~ Queen's Wood (Highgate)

Queen's Woods