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Hangout On Air: Reversing Aging - 2018 update

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Hangout On Air: Reversing Aging - 2018 update


What progress is being made in the field of reversing aging - the grand humanitarian project to extend healthy lifespan?

In this London Futurists online video conference, a number of healthspan extension researchers and activists from around the world will be answering questions such as:
*) What do you know now, that wasn't known, or which was less clear, back in January 2017?
*) What progress has encouraged you? And what disappointments have there been?
*) Overall, what have we learned? And what should the field do differently in the future?

We'll be discussing developments in the understanding of:
*) The underlying science of aging
*) The most effective medical interventions to slow or reverse aging
*) The most effective forms of advocacy, to change public opinion regarding this field
*) The social and economic consequences of significantly extended healthspans.

== Panellists ==

Elizabeth Parrish, CEO of BioViva Sciences Inc, - known as "patient zero" for two anti-aging therapies that her company is researching.

Ilia Stambler, Author of the definitive history of life extensionism, and Outreach Coordinator at International Society on Aging and Disease (ISOAD),

Elena Milova, Board Member of the Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) ,

John M. “Johnny” Adams, CEO of Bourhenne Medical Research Foundation / Aging Intervention Foundation, and Executive Director of the Gerontology Research Group (GRG),

Sven Bulterijs, Editor at Longevity Reporter, and CoPresident of Heales,

The discussion will be moderated by David Wood, the Chair of London Futurists, and the author of "The Abolition of Aging",

== Logistics ==

The event will be broadcast live on YouTube:

There is no physical location for this event. You can watch it wherever you happen to be!

The start time is 6pm UK time on Sunday 11th February. To find that time in another timezone, see

The conference will be recorded and will be available for subsequent viewing on

People who watch the event live will be able to raise comments and questions via the "Live chat" feature of YouTube. Panellists will be responding to the Live chat in the course of the video discussion.

== Other events on a similar theme ==

The following events are likely to be of interest:

"Can Technology Stop Us Aging?" London, 7pm 12 Feb, and again at 7pm 12 Mar, - hosted by Funzing, speaker David Wood

Undoing Aging, Berlin, 15-17 March: "Accelerating rejuvenation therapies to repair the damage of aging", - co-hosted by the SENS Research Foundation and Forever Healthy Foundation

Extend Lifespan, Kazan, Russia, 22-26 April: "Interventions to extend healthspan and lifespan", - hosted by Initium-Pharm

RAADfest 2018, San Diego, California, 20-23 September: "All in for life: Learn how to fight aging today and cure it tomorrow", - hosted by the Coalition for Radical Life Extension

Eurosymposium on Healthy Aging, Brussels, Belgium, 8-10 Nov, - hosted by Heales Healthy Life Extension Society
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