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Ever wanted to turn your hand to wood turning, box making, metalworking, textiles, 3D printing? Have you ever had an idea you'd love to make but don't have the space or the skills? Are you a have a go hero who just needs an outlet, a dreamer with an idea that will revolutionise the world? Or are you just looking for a new hobby, skill set and social outlet? Well London Makers wants to give you this chance.

As the world continues to tighten the purse strings, people turn to ever more self-reliance and self-sufficient practices. As such the world of the Maker has exploded. The "Maker Movement" is a global phenomenon that is going from strength to strength. With limited space, makers have turned small San Francisco flat windows into fruit and vegetable farms, rooftops into farms, car tyres into shoes, bike tyres into belts, and washing machines into furniture. The list goes on. Up-cycle, recycle, design, learn, build, sell it and most importantly love it!

So what do we need from you now? We need your interest! So join up, follow, share, learn, teach, show your support, but most importantly... make.

The more people we can get behind us the more likely it is we can make this happen. So post it to friends, share it with family and help us get this movement moving!

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Designer Maker Fair

Cecil Sharp House

Capital Enterprise monthly networking event

WeWork 70 Wilson St

CMC (Civic Makers Craft) Space Meetup @ Peckham Levels

Peckham Levels

Sewing Machine Basics: Leather Glasses Case

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