What we're about

Everyone needs a creative outlet and a way to connect with others creatively and our group does this through singing and performing at live open mic events. I understand how danting it can be to take the first step and actually perform in public. Even trying to find a location/event to perform live can be dauting given your busy life.

By being part of this meetup group you will get the following:

1. Always have open mic event to attend - all you have to do is show up

2. A supportive group of people to cheer you on at the open mic

3. A community and social network of people who share your passion for singing and performing

It's free and everyone that is attending/performing is at different levels. You don't even have to perform if you don't want to, just come along to listen and see what this "Open Mic" thing is all about and if its something you want to do.

Have an event you would like to organise? Send me an e-mail with the details and I will post it to the group.

Past events (18)

All About the Voice Open Mic Event

Needs a location

Blueberry Bar Open Mic Event in Shoreditch

Needs a location

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