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Meet fellow scuba diving travel enthusiasts in London! Beginners who have never dived before are also welcome and you can join our beginners event which runs throughout the year. We have beginner sessions very month so look out for these and come along and join in with the underwater experience. Come to the monthly group meetup to relive adventures, share photos from around the world and get first-hand recommendations on new exciting destinations and events and scuba diving locations. Find fun, laughs and maybe even a new scuba diving travel buddy! Our Meetups can be scheduled by any member and will range from Social gatherings in London, to days out within the UK, holidays abroad. Look out for up coming equipment demonstrations and PADI course seminars to give you all the information you need about specified PADI courses. We also run a beginners scuba diving awareness event where beginners get a change to do a try dive and discuss scuba diving with our experienced members. Come and join us today!!

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Try Dives - PADI Discover Scuba/PADI Refreshers and Pool Session

If you want to take part in any of the following and are available on Tuesday evening from 7.00pm onwards then please RSVP this meetup and confirm which option you want to undertake. If you can not make this session but would like to check for future sessions please email me on [masked]. We can book Tues, Weds & Thurs in advance. 1) Try Dive - Simply try dive to experience being underwater. Scuba diving taster - Less than £50.00 2) PADI Discover Scuba - More detailed introduction to Scuba Diving - Official PADI intro - £50.00 3) PADI Refresher - Scuba diving skills refresher in preparation for dive season or planned holiday - £75.00 4) Pool Session - To try out kit and spend some time in the pool - £20.00 LOCATION Address is Marshall Street Leisure Centre 15 Marshall St, London W1F 7EL The fantastic leisure centre at Marshall Street in Soho, London. This facilities is perfect for our group as it is very central and the facility has just been refurbished. Soho is amongst the most vibrant, exciting and cosmopolitan areas of London that houses world class shops, leading businesses and now the UK's premier PADI scuba diving and travel centre. These facilities are perfect for any introduction to diving. The pool depths range from 1 metre to 3 metres which is sufficient for all diving training requirements. Our central London dive courses take place just behind London's iconic Carnaby Street in the state-of-the-art £38m Marshall Street leisure centre, containing arguably the finest pool in central London. This 30m long pool gives students tonnes of room to swim around in, practice their skills and fine tune their buoyancy. The pool is constantly heated to 27 degrees celsius and has a maximum depth of 3m (10ft). This centre also has a conference room for any study aspects of the dives and for registration prior to getting the kit. PADI DISCOVER SCUBA - £50.00 A try dive is also available which is a taster dive so you can briefly experience being underwater with the equipment. This will be cheaper than the official PADI Discover Scuba. Have ever wondered what it's like to breathe underwater? This is an ideal way of experiencing the under water world without having to commit to a PADI course like for example the PADI Open Water. If you want to check out what scuba diving is like than the try dive is the perfect option for you. You will me assisted by excellent qualified instructors who are trained to offer you the best experience and make you feel comfortable in the water allowing you to enjoy the experience. Once you complete a try dive you will be unable to remove the smile from your face for a while as you soak in the experience of the underwater world. This is not a scuba diving certification it is certainly a good way of seeing how you feel under water. During the scuba diving try dive experience you'll learn how to use scuba equipment in a warm pool and get a quick and easy introduction to what it takes to explore the underwater world. There is nothing like breathing underwater for the very first time. Of course it can take a little getting used to but with a little time and guidance you will be diving underwater enjoying the experience. You will soon see how easy scuba diving is and also gain experience of what scuba kit is and what it does which is perfect exposure prior to any PADI Open Water Course. Usually it is harder to get people out of the water than into the water as the experience takes hold of them and they don't want it to end. What You Learn You learn the basics you need to dive under the direct supervision of one of our PADI Professionals. One thing you'll learn is that you really can breathe underwater and whether you like doing that or not. You will! Learn what wearing scuba equipment feels like and how easy it is to glide around underwater while wearing it. Find out what it's like to breathe underwater and learn whether you can be comfortable there. Learn some basic skills and safety rules that will carry over to your full scuba certification course when you take the next step. The Scuba Gear You Use All the equipment you will need is included in a Discover Scuba Diving experience. You'll use all the basic scuba gear including a mask , snorkel and fins, a buoyancy compensating jacket that also carries your scuba tank, a scuba regulator to breathe from and instrumentation to monitor depth and air supply. PADI REFRESHER DIVE/REVIEW - £75.00 If you are looking to go on holiday soon and have not dived for over a year then you will want to consider completing a scuba diving refresher course. This course will give you the confidence again prior to any planned holiday. If you haven’t dived for a while, or are a bit apprehensive about getting back in the water and want to freshen up your skills then a PADI Scuba Review is for you. Most dive centres around the world will insist that you complete a Scuba Review if you haven't dived for 12 months or longer. You’ll run through the important aspects of the theory and go through the important skills you learn't on your PADI Open Water course in the safety and comfort of a heated swimming pool. The course normally takes 3-4 hours. Please remember to bring along your PADI certification card and log book. POOL SESSION - £20.00 If you are looking to just spend time in the water and you are already qualified as PADI Open Water then you can join us for this session and spend time in the pool testing out kit and practicing. Lets be honest it is difficult to find the opportunity to have time in a pool testing out kit and getting used to equipment or dive computers. This way you will not have the pressure of group holiday diving and you can have around 1 hour 30 minutes to do what you want. If you want to undertake any of the above dives then RSVP and let me know which dive you want. All dives will need to be booked in by us and paid for so payment will be requested prior to the event itself once dive has been confirmed.

Long Weekend Dive Trip - Tenerife 23 May 2019 to 28 May 2019

We are planning a long weekend dive trip to Tenerife. Members will have the option of either flying out Thursday or the Friday and returning on the Monday or Tuesday. The dates will be Thursday 23 May 2019 to Tuesday 28 May 2019. These dates will allow you to take benefit of the bank holiday Monday. You will be able to fit in 3 or 4 days of diving. This will mean that you could fit in around 6 to 9 dives. The diving will be in the region of £180.00 for 6 dive pack and based at a PADI 5 star resort. Full equipment hire will be 25 euros per day. The accommodation will be in a resort close to the dive centre and will be in the region of £150.00 based on two people sharing. This may vary slightly depending on group numbers. Flights are in the region of £230.00. Please ensure you do not book any flight until it is all confirmed. When we are ready to book flights we will confirm which flights to book. If you are interested in a long weekend dive trip and interested in Tenerife then this is the event for you. RSVP and watch this space for further details. Average Temperature Month: May - High 25°c Low 16°c Dive Sites (Just a few of the wide range available) Condesito Shipwreck. (6m - 18m) The Condesito shipwreck lies 3km from Las Galletas harbour, a sedate 10 minute rib ride along a beautiful shoreline. The Condesito sits in a neat little under water gully. The hull, cabin and engine room are still intact and teeming with fish including 1m Trumpet FishPez trumpeta through to tiny playful Boxfish ‘Galinetta’, which dance between the soft corals and dead man's fingers. Several Moray Eels inhabit the hull but if you follow a Trumpet fish away from the wreck, it will lead you to sites of golden sand, rich underwater flora and colourful animals including Indigo Damsel Fish, Fuller Negro, Octopus, and beautiful slate blue Sting Rays. The Rays Los Chuchos (17m - 21m) The Rays is one of our most impressive dive sites and nobody has ever come away from this disappointed. Here you encounter crisp blue water descending to a rich golden sandy floor teeming with 5 different species of Ray, and a small wreck at the centre of the site. It is not uncommon to find more than 20 rays at one time swimming around divers looking to be hand fed. Also seen at this site are groups of bright silver Jacks and occasionally a 2m long North Atlantic Snapper. A new visitor to the site is a turtle. While everyone loves this site, it is an absolute must for photographers and videographers. Palm-Mar Cave Cuevo Del Palm Mar Anchored above the cave in 16-18 m, we drop down a wall past 20 or more resident Moray eels. These include the large Painted Moray Morena pintada and Yellow Leopard Spotted Moray As we leave the cave, we can either go deeper past two large rock formations to a third at 38 metres from where we ascend slowly enjoying the ever present Morays Morena, Damsel Fish Fula Negra and Arrow (spider) Crabs Cangrejo obispo. We can often see large Yellow Nudibranchs, very dark in colour with a striking yellow flash on its body - a great macro subject if you haven´t already run out of film. Steps Los Escolones (5m - 45m) From the shot line in 10m we drop off a wall past a large shoal of ever-present Mackerel ‘Caballa’ to a sandy bottom at 18m. Here, we are immediately surrounded by hundreds of Grunt ‘Roncador’ forming a fantastic early photographic opportunity. Onward through a large 2m high tunnel for about 10m we encounter Trumpet Fish Pez trumpeta up to 1.3 m long hovering motionless in the water before swimming gently down a valley to 30m. Here we turn N.W. and parallel to the shore in search of pairs of Triggerfish Galo and a shoal of Zebra Bream Sargo gently grazing on the low reefs. Turning shoreward, we ascend slowly with the seabed past impressive volcanic reefs to the base of the wall, again at 18m. We then climb the basalt formation to a platform 20m or so further shoreward to yet another platform at 3-6 metres. Coral Arch Los Arcos (18m-27m) A series of stunning coral arches with 2 memorials; one to Jaques Cousteau and the other to a local diver, we anchor in 20m and enjoy breathtaking volcanic formations. We usually see Amberjack, rays, moray eels and even the occasional Angelshark. A great dive for everyone, but most especially for photographers.

Beginners Scuba Diving Intro Event - Saturday 25 May 2019

London School of Diving

This event is for a group of beginners to complete a try dive and join other beginners in experiencing scuba diving for the first time. No previous diving experience is required as the aim of this event is to give the confidence to undertake your first try dive with other beginners. If you are interested in this event then RSVP. Come on first time divers now is the time to check out a try dive in an escorted controlled environment at a fantastic local London dive centre. We are looking at a group of 12 divers which will include non try divers looking to fit in some pool time with equipment. We also welcome non try divers who want to dive at the same time with just the requirement for kit hire. The try dive will be £50.00 each and the kit hire on its own for non try divers will be £20.00. Places are still available so please RSVP if you want to come along. If people want to go for a drink afterwards then this can be arranged at a local pub.

London Scuba Diving Group - Monthly Mingle Session

Come and join us for our monthly social. It is important to note that the group will be based downstairs closer to the bar with an improved setup to assist so it is easier to mingle. You will be able to spot us as you walk into the pub. As a result of the group having increased in size and the large number of divers attending the social evenings we have changed venue so we have more space and so that we can have an outside area during the warmer summer months. Come and join us!!! As the pub is a Nicholson's pub they have a great variety of ales and all drinks. They have the fantastic ale library which has over 20+ ales and a whisky showcase. They also have a great variety of good quality wines and food as well. POSTCODE FOR GOOGLEMAPS = SE1 2HD This venue has outside and inside facilities which is fantastic for the summer months. The drinks are well priced and a good location overall. The range of available drinks is for better than previous locations and one of the reasons for the choice. This is a monthly meetup to enable all members to have an input on future meetups and enable everyone to meet new members and encourage introductions. We now have at least 20 divers at every monthly social. Why not come down and join us for a drink and meet the group. It will also be a chance to provide an outline of future trips and diving destinations and provide further information on existing scheduled diving trips if anyone has any questions. This meet up might be an opportunity to meet members who have booked on the same trip as you in advance of your departure. We look forward to seeing you all. DIRECTIONS & MAP DIRECTIONS The easiest way to get to the bar is from London Bridge Station. You will need to exit onto Tooley Street (Exit 3) from London Bridge Underground Station. You will then need to take a right and walk down Tooley Street for a few metres. Then take a left into Hays Galleria which is a shopping area. You will then find the Hornimans Pub overlooking the river. The group will have an area reserved inside the pub. You can see the Horniman Pub marked on the map above for easy location.

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London Scuba Diving Group - Monthly Mingle Session

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