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Stephen Cave on Immortality

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Conway Hall

25 Red Lion Square, WC1R 4RL. · London

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I will wait outside or in the entry area until 11:15 to meet-up but it can fill up fast so it's nice to get seats a bit early.

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Sermons are given every Sunday that promise everlasting life for the righteous. But in this secular sermon, philosopher Stephen Cave will explain why the wise would rather be mortal.

We’re all afraid of the Reaper — and we’re all pursuing strategies to deny, defy or defeat him. Whether we hope to quaff the elixir of life, to rise again, to live on as a spirit or through leaving a legacy, we’re all following one of four paths that promise a route to life everlasting. Our striving for eternity shapes everything from our choice of breakfast to the clash of civilisations.

But Cave argues that the pursuit of immortality leads us astray: it promotes division and extremism, diverts us from present problems, and cultivates a self-centred worldview. He wants to show us why the quest to live forever makes sinners of us all. But he will also present us with an alternative. Drawing from ancient philosophy and modern science, he will show us how coming to terms with mortality will make us happier, wiser and better people.

Stephen Cave is a philosopher, critic and broadcaster. He has been both an academic, studying and teaching philosophy, and a diplomat, negotiating international treaties. His first book, Immortality: The Quest to Live Forever and How It Drives Civilization (2012), has received wide international acclaim.

You should purchase your ticket in advance. These events do tend to sellout so if you are serious buy your ticket now! Is it £12.50 on this website


The School of Life Sermons are strictly secular events which explore the values we should live by today. We ask maverick cultural figures to give us their take on the virtues to cling to or the vices to be wary of in order to better navigate life in our complex modern world.

These events take place at Conway Hall. Expect persuasive polemics, pop-song hymns, sticky buns and a possible appearance from the devil himself.

The event timetable is as follows:
I will wait outside or in the entry area until 11:15 to meet people but it can fill up fast so it's nice to get seats a bit early.

11.15 Doors Open
11.30 Sermon starts
12.45 Refreshments served
13.00 End

If people are interested we can go to get a coffee or bite to eat afterwards in the Holborn area.