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Woodland Midsummer Gathering 2018 - Ceremony & Social
Join us to celebrate Midsummer 2018.. with ceremony & socials. We'll drum, dance and make merry ...after the ceremony to honour the Sun that's reached the height of his power. We'll also be marking/ celebrating our own personal achievements :-) `This marks the height of the Summer, and the longest day of the year. Astrologically, it is exactly the point when the Sun enters the sign of Cancer (which is the natural house of the Moon!). The new-born Sun of the midwinter (Yule) has grown to it’s fullest potential, and so pagans are mindful at Midsummer that the wheel turns. It is when the previously defeated Holy-King returns, challenges the Oak-King and wins. Thus at Midsummer, the rein of the Oak King ends and the one of Holy King begins. Midsummer games such as tug of war enact this battle between summer and winter forces. In terms of the God myths, it is a time for the God to become Sun-King, and take his place on the throne of responsibility for his people' ***** fixed Fee: £5 / £3 (concessions) per person ** Meeting point: Woodman's Pub (Archway Road). We usually meet in the garden/ Patio area of the Woodman's pub. have a drink, gather all attendees and walk to the woodland. A designated team member will lead you to the woods. Time/ duration: These outdoor rituals & gatherings are organic. Magic happens when everyone is ready and spiritually in resonance. So once arrived, and have done and meet & greet, do settle down and reach a calm magical state.. especially while ritual team are busy setting up altar and having a quick preparation. Gather at pub - 2pm walking to woods - 3pm.. followed by ceremony. Event expected to end - 7pm - then socials in wood & pub RITUAL : Out ritual Team will conduct key aspects of the ceremony, with plenty of opportunities for everyone to get involved in the actual ritual - ie with elements calling, chants, magical work and so on. Optional items to bring: - Ritual cloths/ robes/ cloaks / ground sheets / blankets - Staff / wands / antlers / tribal masks / flower crowns (No athame!! .. No swords!) - Drums & musical instruments - Lanterns / candles / lighter (all candles in lanterns only please, unless it's large pillar-candles. Strictly No tea-lights on ground or trees!!) - Crystals / runes / divination tools - Poetry / invocations (learnt or to read) ***No Children***: We ask no children at this event. Babies in prams who can be kept quiet or moved away from ritual if they cry is acceptable.Thanks. Behaviour / alcohol/ drugs policy: This is in a public woodland/ park. We wish to make sure the good reputation of our group members & organisers are maintained. So please BE on good behaviour. No drugs/ substances allowed. Photos/ privacy: Please do not take photos during set-up, run-through or ritual.. Other times, it's fine. It's in a public place so we can not stop the public walking through or taking pics. If worries about your privacy / identity, please wear a ritual mask to safeguard your identity in photos that others may take of the group. Meeting place (Woodman's Pub): Gather in the Woodman's Pub from 2.00pm.. Get to `High Gate' Tube station.. come up to main road. Turn right. Pub is just 30 seconds away. After Ceremony & some socials in the woods, we will head back to the pub (woodmans) for more socials. ***For more details & updates, please rsvp to this event, and keep an eye on notifications & comments from organisers. Thanks** -Mani Navasothy

Queen's Woods

Near Highgate Station · London

What we're about

Welcome to `London Woodland Witches, Pagans & Ritual Magicians'. We have grown from humble beginnings 3+ years ago to the largest and most active Wicca & witchcraft meetup group in and around London. Please read this introduction to become familiar with how we work & our policies on media, safety & well-being at our events. Thanks -Mani (03/01/18).

We are very much down to earth, sociable, friendly! We organise Open Rituals & Pagan Social gatherings in London. Our focus is Wicca, Witchcraft and Paganism, via Full moon & New moon rituals, Wicca training, Seasonal Pagan Ceremonial Gatherings, socials and Eco-Magical workings! As our community grows, we are carefully adding a variety of rituals by our close & trusted magical friends, pub moots, selected indoor pagan rituals and events (Noval Stella Talks, Pagan Federation London rituals, Druid rituals by Loose Association of Druids etc).

WE are very much interested in MAGICAL EMPOWERMENT using a blend of ritual magic, spell-craft, ceremony and transpersonal psychology. This is a gentler, relaxed, friendly and more balanced `love & light' way.

Our events are a friendly mixture of formal ceremonies & informal socials. These events take place in various public venues - Woodlands, parks and outdoor setting, and/or hired halls & venues in London. All of these are great for Beginner wanting a friendly introduction to Wicca & witchcraft, Pagan ceremonies, ritual magic, and for meeting like-minded people.

Come and Enjoy feasting & socialising with us after the ritual. (Bringing food, drinks & wine to share - as we love the social as much as the rituals! Our path is one of reverence & mirth!)

Our Eco statement-------------

Please read our Eco Impact statement click this Eco statement link. (

Media / Photography / Researcher policy-----------------

Please read our Media/ Journalism/ Research policies. click this media policy link (

Health & Safety: ------------------------

In a large public group such as this, it's difficult to screen or know how serious & sincere new members are. But we also have to be open. **So we ask that at all times, you take personal responsibility for your own safety (online & in person).. and take time to get to know others and earn the trust. We we are in raw nature ..woodlands.. Our altar has candles, incense, some sharp tools.. Our feasting includes food that everyone brings (variety of vegan, vegetarian & meat products)..and may contain items that are allergic to some people. So take care with all these.

** This meetup is NOT for nudism, sex cults, Satanism, Dark Magic, Luciferians, Left hand path etc ***

** We do not use drugs in any of our events. Any attendees arriving with observable evidence of drug-use / or very drunk will be asked to leave our events **

** Any Trouble-makers will be reported to the Police immediately !* *

Power of Nature : -----------------------

If you are looking for the real energies and powers of nature - for personal empowerment, then being regularly outdoors, experiencing nature.. (no matter how challenging it gets at times!) is the best way. For our events, you can attend in ordinary outdoor cloths.. (warm and water-proof) and/or put on cloaks & robes or other tribal cloths once you arrive at the ritual area..!. At times, it will be sunny and warm. Or wet, wild and stormy. And attuning to those energies, energises you, liberates you, empowers you! That is magic...and that is what it means to know real untamed awesome power of nature!.

Our Events : -----------------------------

• Wicca Full moon & Wicca New moon Rituals - Our Wicca Rituals provide an experiential introduction to Wicca, Witchcraft & Ritual Magic - for all new comers and beginners, and Seekers of The Craft. These rituals consist of friendly introductions, followed by formal Ceremony- facilitated by Mani (experienced Wiccan High Priest).

• Wicca Training (Autumn 2017 onwards) - Interested people should initially attend our Open Rituals (the ones publicised in our meetup events!) and get to know Mani ( Tutor/Initiator) over time. Earning magical trust and showing Loyalty are important. You are advised to read Mani's published book, `Coven Guide: Become an initiated Witch (' first, then speak to Mani in person formally about your training commitments!

• Seasonal Wiccan Sabbats /Shamanic Rituals - we run seasonal ritual gatherings 8 times a year, on a saturday/ sunday close to the Sabbats - Imbolc, Spring, Beltane, Midsummer, Lammas, Autumn, Samhain, Yule. From time to time we publicise / set up events for our trusted friends' events (Druid rituals, other Wicca groups).

• River Thames-based rituals - These started in 2006 as `Tamesa London Circle' and continue to evolve over the years, from full moon/ eclipse rituals, to Thames-Isis, Hindu/Ganesh poojas and more. Some take place in central London, others near Richmond - but always by the river Thames, and often at low tides, so we can work on the banks of the river Thames..

• Eco-magical explorations - We believe in using magic & ceremony for the benefit & healing of not just us humans, but also the Earth, Environment & animals. Eco-Magic is a ceremony or even a small part of another ritual that focuses on this kind of work. We meet for special days such as Earth Hour, Earth Day, Peace Day. From Autumn 2017 onwards, we plan to meet more often just for Walking & exploring woodlands, Meditation & Nature-spirituality, Eco-art, Nature photography and so on.

• Social Events, Pagan Moots, Camping, Day Trips out of London - We are also very sociable. Some of us attend Pagan moots (pub socials) that our friends organise; In the Summer, we organize a Pagan Camp in the Epping Camp site; And at various other times, we gather up our pagan friends and go for trips in or out of London - to festivals (Edinburgh Beltane, Hasting Jack O Green, Eastbourne Lammas, Carshalton Jack, October Plenty, Notting Hill Carnival..and so on).

What we do in our Ceremonies : ----------------------

• Consecrations, Magic Circle & 4 Elements - We consecrate people and the space using candles, incense, bells, rattle; We cast a protective magic circle/ sacred space using a wand, staff or athame (witch's knife), and open gateways to elements (Air, fire, water, Earth) in 4 directions - east, south, west, north.

• Chants, drums, dance - we use chanting, drumming and circle / spiral dance at ceremonies to raise energy and to shift our focus before or during rituals;

• Spells & ritual Magic - Paganism & Witchcraft involve doing magic spells.. using symbols drawn on objects, visualising, lighting candles, tying knots on cords/strings, planting seeds, cooking food mindfully, and so on.

• Masks, Ritual & Enactment - Wearing masks, robes & cloaks allows ritualists to shift perception - their own and others in the ritual; We also write a ritual (scripted like a play), allocate parts/ roles to volunteers, prepare/ memorise some of that in advance, and enact those rituals; Themes can be seasonal (harvest, birth of Sun child, marriage of God & Goddess), or mythological (Hero's quest, Fool's Journey, blessing of boats, birthday of Isis and so on).

• Gods & Goddesses and Magic: We work with Pan (Fertility, lust), Aphrodite (Love & sensuality), Cernunnos (Lord of the animals), Hern the Hunter-god, Diana the Virgin-Huntress who can not be owned my any man, Gaia the mother goddess.. and other deities. We always aim to do some personal magical work (in the group), spells, chants, a bit of spiral dance.. and also put energy towards eco-magic to help protect environment & endangered wildlife in the world.


Wiccan Initiations: So you want to a wiccan initiation? Here's an important article on this. (

Don't panic! We sometimes get messages from newcomers who are nervous about coming to these events - first time outdoors, first time to a ritual, first time with other people/ group, those with social/personal anxiety difficulties etc. Organiser (Mani) is trained in Transpersonal psychology & Counselling skills, and understands many of those concerns, and works to empower everyone with these magical events. As a minimum, you'll be given plenty of explanation and notes at the start of our events, in an informal sociable way.. at a initial gathering point (usually at a pub/station etc). Attendees are welcomed (with a hug), some conversation, introduced to few others, and generally made at ease - before we all get going to the woods for the ceremonies.

About Organiser : Founder/Organiser Mani Navasothy is a Gardnerian Initiated Wiccan/ Witch & High Priest with over 21 years of Craft & Coven experiences in London, UK. He has trained, initiated others and run several covens in the past, and has been running outdoor/ woodland rituals in London since 2004. Mani also has 2 decades of connection with The Pagan Federation, and is well-known to the Elders of Wicca in UK, and to Pagan communities & organisations in London & Uk. He is trained in Transpersonal psychology & Counselling skills, and works to empower everyone using these magical events.

Our websites: our related websites (created by Mani) are full of information articles, videos and blog links to give you plenty of background. And you can always contact the Organiser/ facilitator and chat about any of these magical matters or personal concerns.. by private messages & social media links etc.

http://www.WitchcraftAndMagic.UK - Wicca Rituals, Training & Resources

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