What we're about

Welcome to `London Woodland Witches & Pagans ' (meetup group). We are open to total beginners & experienced, Pagans of all paths, Seekers of Wicca & Witchcraft, Ritual magicians, people of nature spirituality. Our Open events usually have a planned ritual then an informal social - for all to mingle and make friends.

This meetup started in 2014 to bring together all our ritual groups - some ongoing since 2001 (Hern's Tribe, Tamesa London Circle, Wicca & Witchcraft rituals);

We now organise the following:

  • Full moon rituals - monthly in central London by riverside
  • 8 Seasonal festive gatherings &  Ceremonies in a public woods near High Gate, North London
  • some new moon & special magical rituals (Flames of Shiva, cacao circles, Eclipse magic).
  • Pagan / magical / Wicca Training courses & workshops (in woods, half day or full day, and also some in a popular bookshop in central London).
  • Group visits & trips to woods, parks, some trusted pagan moots, other rituals, festivals, and camping events (eg. Richmond deer watch, Dawn of the Oak moot, Lunar Iter, Pagan Federation rituals, Rathayatra Krishna chariot festival, Sussex Fairy Fest & Camping, October Plenty, Brighton March of mermaids, Hasting Greenman festival etc) .
  • Some zoom / online events (during 2 years of lockdown/restriction we were very regular but now zoom events happen once in a while).

Our subject matters include  Wicca & witchcraft, Paganism, ritual magic, high magic, planetary magic, Shamanic events, Hindu special events, Herbs & Oil craft, Tarot, Runes, Psychic development, eco-magic and more.

Magical principles we work with:
•   An it Harm none, do what you Will. 
•   As Above. So Below. As within. So without .
•   Know Thy Self  
•   Horned God & Triple Moon Goddess
•   Elements & Pentagram

Our Ceremonies.. begin with meditation/ attunement, proceed with purification/ consecrations, energy raising and deity work. We do ritual magic for our own well-being and for world, and conclude with blessing of food & drinks. There then follows socials & chats to bond and make friendships.

Wicca & Witchcraft - Those interested in modern history of Wicca should read about the work done by Gerald Gardner, Doreen Valiente, Alex & Maxine Sanders, Charge of the Goddess, Wiccan rede and more. We recommend you begin with books by world renowned wiccan authors such as Dr Vivianne Crowly, Janet & Steward Farrar, Doreen Valiente.

Coven / wicca training: Interested people should attend our Wiccan courses, special rituals & training events. Subject to these developments, people may progress to formal Trainee status and eventually initiation. The process is organic, not automatic, and can take months or years.

**** IMPORTANT NOTE on Photos/ Interviews/ Nudism / drugs etc****

  1. we DO NOT ALLOW filming, note taking, recordings, interviews at our events (if in doubt, contact organisers!).
  2. This meetup is NOT for nudism, sex magic/cults, Satanism, Dark Magic, Left hand path etc.
  3. We have a NO DRUGS POLICY for all our events . Organizers will ask anyone disruptive to leave our events. If problems persist, Police will be called.
  4. Children are NOT allowed in any of our evening/ night rituals. For some day-time & family-friendly events, parents/guardians may bring their children as long as they fully supervise them at all times. If in doubt, please check with us in advance. If too disruptive , children may need to be temporarily removed by their parents from ceremony area during ritual.

About Mani - Founder of London Woodland Witches -------

Initiated Wiccan/ Witch & Gardnerian High Priest with over 25 years of Craft & Coven experiences in London, UK.  He is well known to Pagan Federation, Wiccan Elders & other long term Pagan communities in London.  Mani is a published Author with books such as `Eclipse Magic Workbook' , Coven Guide: How to become an initiated Witch, Halloween Rites, Yule Rites, and few more.

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[This update: January 2023]

Upcoming events (4+)

Full Moon Ritual: Venus-Neptune magic for Love, Dreams & Healing!

Millennium Bridge


Tamesa London Circle & London Woodland Witches invite you to our Full Moon ceremony by river Thames on Friday 2nd Jne'23 (just 2 days prior to an actual full moon). We've chosen this date as there is a highly good auspicious energy and aspect between Venus & Neptune this night - perfect for any spellcasting on Love, intuition, healing and dream work. So come along to this.. as we call on the energies of Goddess Venus and work the Caduceus magic.
(more details in a few days - watch this space).

These Open rituals are suitable for all Pagans, Witches, Wiccans, Magicians, Goddess-worshippers and more.

Fee: £5 cash collected at star of event .

We open with earth attunement and short meditation or pathworking (you can stand or be seated). Then we use consecrated salt/water and incense for purification. Then a circle is cast with a wand or hand, and elements Air, fire, water, earth are called in east, south, west, north. Then we raise energy with simple easy to follow chants and circling the altar. Then follows a variation of Goddess invocation, followed by some ritual magic or spell working - for health, wealth, peace, protection, love & healing. We finish the ceremony with communal blessing of all the food & drinks people brought, then close circle and feast. ).

No prior knowledge is required, as we facilitate this ceremony, with explanations and guidance. However please attend with an open mind, willing to learn and celebrate with fellow ritualists. Our team and regular attendees are very friendly and down to earth folks, who can be mirthful and yet show serious reverence when required.

** Please also bring some food / wine/ soft drinks to share **
** Bring your own cups / chalice/ drinking vessels as we try to minimise plastic cup use for eco-reasons**

Meeting point :

Gather on the pavement-steps under the the Millennium Bridge (south bank side, near Tate Modern Gallery) . We walk down to river bank, set up altar and start ceremony. While we set up altar, you can take a short walk along river Thames and explore / attune, reach inner stillness and ready your self for ritual.

Thames & Tides:

Our rituals tale place on the actual river bank... just few meters away from the water. Don't worry. We organise these Thames-rituals **at low tide** after checking Port of London authority Thames Tide time tables..


The altar and ritual space are under cover (underneath a section of the pavement) and on sandy ground. Shoes/ boots will *not* get wet (unless you go to river edge).
BUT.. The steps leading down to river-side are slippery. River bank is full of gravel & sharp objects. So *if* you choose to explore or walk around, take extreme care with your own health & safety. You are responsible for your safety. ** location is not suitable for anyone with walking disabilities**

What to bring:

-- You can dress in any ordinary outdoor clothing/ coats/shoes.
Please dress appropriate for weather!
--BUT if you are inspired, you may dress in capes & robes too.
--Please bring food & drinks to share ( bread & cheese / humus/ soft drinks).
--A torchlight & Ground sheet (optional).

After the ritual is completed, some people stay a little longer to ask questions informally or to socialise, and to make new friends.

About us & our Policies :

We have a strict NO DRUGS policy. Also NO filming/ recording / interviews / research / surveys or such matters are allowed! No children allowed. Our events are for members' personal, magical, spiritual purposes only!

See you there.
Bright Blessings
-Mani & Ritual Team

Wiccan Path for Beginners : 1-day woodland-based Course

Queen's Wood


Wicca & Witchcraft is a mystery-religious tradition that includes worship of the divine as as a Horned God & Moon Goddess (and many other deities), works with wild energies of the 4 Elements Air, Fire, Water, earth, and uses ritual magic & SpellCraft for personal empowerment and bettering lives.

Started by Gerald Gardner in the mid 1950's in Southern England, UK, and aided by Doreen Valiente, the `Gardnerian Wicca' grew. Alex & Maxine Saunders began a parallel path later called `Alexandrian Wicca'. These were initiatory paths where participants practised in private Covens! But since then Wicca has grown internationally and evolved with many facets.

This 1-Day woodland based experiential course is led by Mani - Witch & High Priest with over 25 years of Craft & Coven experience.

This course serves as an introduction for all Seekers interested in Wiccan path - either as a standalone exploration for you, or progressing to further study that can lead to initiation and training in a Coven!

Contents (1-day Outdoor Wicca course)

This is an introduction course with explanations, demonstrations, Pathworking, meditation, chants, discussions & sharing. You'll learn about wiccan tools/ techniques, and some understanding of invoking God & Goddess and working with those energies. Some transpersonal Psychology & shadow work is briefly introduced as part of the development.

  • Why do you want to learn / join Wicca?
  • Personal energy & attunement:
  • Origins of Modern Wicca ; Wiccan Law & 3 principles;
  • Altar in Wicca - how to create one ; what to include;
  • Magical tools : Broom, Athame, sword, white handled knife, wands, scourge, staff, pentacle, Cup, Cauldron, Robes, cloaks, crowns, masks
  • Sacred Space: Sweeping/ purifications; Consecrations with salt & water/ incense; casting magic circle (words/ demo);
  • Elements, Gateways & Quarters; Symbols & qualities of Air/fire/Water/Earth in wicca; Element triangles; invocation words for calling elements (demo);
  • Group energy raising (chant, dance etc) .
  • Horned God & Moon Goddess in Wicca. Deity work, invocations.
  • Ritual magic & Spellcraft in Wicca.
  • Wheel of the year. 8-festivals; Esbats- Full moons/ new moon rites.
  • Initiations & Coven Life.

Those wishing to progress further beyond this course are encouraged to attend our Full moon rituals & seasonal gatherings, observe and participate, and get magically involved more.

FEE: £35.
Pay by secure paypal, credit/ debit card to book your place.
(full refund if WE cancel, postpone or move event; or if YOU cancel by Tues 7th June'23).

Date: Saturday 10th June 2023.
Duration: 10.30am to 5.30pm.

There will be a lunch & short breaks.

*[masked]am - meet just outside Woodman's Pub (corner of Muswell Hill Road & Wood Lane).

  • 10.30am - walk together to woods (10mins). Set up. Course begins.
  • 5.30pm - course ends.

Queen's Woods, HighGate, North London. Course will be held in outdoor woodland setting. This place has a long history of many covens & magical groups doing regular open and private rituals.

Tube: HighGate (northern line).

meeting point/ time
We will meet[masked]am - meet just outside Woodman's Pub (corner of Muswell Hill Road & Wood Lane). . (address: 414 Archway Rd, London N6 5UA). At 10.30am, we will be walking together to the Woods.

NO Recording / photography


  • Please wear plenty of warm clothing (it actually gets cold when you sit down on the ground for long). If it's raining much, tutor will bring a tarpaulin sheet cover..

What to bring

  • Please bring any food/drinks lunch . Bring flask of hot drinks. (no eating during course delivery please ).
  • There will be some logs to sit on. But bring cushion/ mat to sit on, as well as a blanket to wrap up if it gets cold. Please wear good warm coats, socks scarf..
  • We'll have some wine for ceremonial parts of the course .
  • Lunch break: If you like to go to the cafe or pub for lunch that's fine, but please be back on time and please don't get lost in woods - all these can delay the course delivery.
  • Toilet: Most people go behind a tree/ bush! But there is a toilet in the Cafe that's 10minute walk from Course area.

If you have any questions/concerns, please do contact us via private message on meetup.

Bright Blessings
Wicca info: [www.WitchcraftAndMagic.uk](Witchcraft and Magic UK)

Midsummer 2023 : Seasonal Gathering

Queen's Wood


Join us in the Woods to celebrate Midsummer 2023 . This event includes A Ritual, Sundance with a central Sunwheel-flame, and concludes with feasting and social. For the ritual, we will be doing consecrations and create sacred space, then call upon Solar-Quarters, and invoke the Sun-God & Goddess. There will be a Sun-wheel-dance (our own version) for raising energy & merriment, followed by blessing of food & drinks that leads to feasting.

  • Please note: once ceremony starts, you can not enter the ritual circle. Please arrive on time, or wait outside the circle, untill we let you in at an appropriate time for magical reason.

Wicca & Pagan interests : If you have serious or budding interests in Wicca, Paganism & Magic, please contact organisers, or speak to ritual team after the ceremony**.**

Fee: £7 Please bring cash. Thanks.

RITUAL : Our rituals are easy to participate by everyone, especially Beginners. Experienced people welcome but please be patient while we work to make new people comfortable with explanations. Out ritual Team will conduct key aspects of the ceremony, with plenty of opportunities for everyone to get involved in the actual ritual.

Social safety tip: Our events attract a wide range of people. We do not know everyone. During social time, many people - strangers & friends - catch up and make new friends. Observe usual personal safety, get to know new people over time before trusting anyone, and don't give out phone numbers immediately. Drink moderately and make your own travel plans back home. Speak to Ritual team or organisers if there are any problems.

Date : Saturday 17th June 2023.
Duration: 4pm to 6pm. (includes meeting, fee collection, ritual & social) .
**check our meetup nearer the time for any updates on date & time, in case of factors like weather or train strikes. **

Venue: Queen's Wood, High Gate. These events are held in a public Open woods, with rough terrain, and in natural weather conditions .

Meeting point: (important - read fully)

  • Gather at The entrance to Queen's Woods (Queenswood Road, N6 5UU) . Google map ref:[masked], [masked].
  • Organisers will come and collect you, have a preparatory talk, collect fees, and walk you to correct ritual spot!
  • Please do not come looking for ritual spot before start time.
  • Please do not go to Cafe area. That's far from our ritual area!

What to bring:

  • Sensible warm & water proof coat/ shoes/clothing.
  • small ground sheet or blanket to sit on for social.
  • Your own Cups/chalice to drink from
  • Food / drinks to share at the feasting & social.
  • Optional: Any ritual cloths/ cloaks / masks you may like to wear
  • Lanterns / candles

Please plan your visit in advance and avoid last minute enquiries. We are a small team and we get very busy few days before event and on the day - working to create a good magical event for all. Thanks.

Bright Solar Blessings.
Mani & Woodland Witches team.


About us & our Policies :

We have a strict NO DRUGS policy. No children or animals allowed unless exceptional circumstance (please enquire in advance). Strictly NO filming/ recording / interviews / research / surveys or such matters are allowed! No DSLR cameras. Our events are for members' personal, magical, spiritual purposes only!

Visit: March of the Mermaids (Brighton) - Family friendly Eco event

"..MARCH OF THE MERMAIDS is an annual Brighton Beach ocean themed fancy dress fun Event, held to raise funds & eco-awareness for clean oceans!"

This year's event has just been confirmed on facebook page by organisers for Saturday 1st July 2023 in Brighton. (more details soon).

I've been attending the March of the Mermaids since 2015 . My friends and I will be going, so if this appears to you.. put on your pirate hats, mermaid tails, wield those tridents and hooks, pack a picnic , stick a bottle of wine in yer bags and come meet us. Usual meeting place is the Peace Statue (green) area..
We'll put more details as soon as organsiers confirm them.
(usually gathering starts at 12pm and the walk (march) starts at 2pm).

Extract from the organisers page (2022)--

"We promote beach cleans and this year we are raising funds for The Marine Conservation Society. Its free but we recommend you bring a minimum £3 donation per person.

It was the first event of its kind in the UK, created in 2012 and inspired by the Coney Island Mermaid Parade in New York. We organise fundraising events as a celebration of our seas and sea life, raising awareness of marine conservation issues and supporting associated campaigns and charities. We also know how to party!

March of the Mermaids is not just for mermaids! Mermen, lifeguards, sea mammals, crustaceans, lobsters, seahorses and all forms of sea life are invited to take part! We can't wait to SEA you at the parade!"

link to FB page: https://www.facebook.com/mermaids.march


Link to see Video interview with Hannah Chilton who started March of the Mermaids. https://youtu.be/Jzhbowh-uk4

Past events (503)

Scorpio Lunar Eclipse - Full Moon Ceremony (by Thames, London)

Millennium Bridge